Microsoft Azure database administrators implement and run the operational aspects of cloud-native and hybrid data platforms built with Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Data Services. For one of our learners, gaining a Microsoft Azure certification provided her with a fun experience as well as the confidence to do her job and contribute to the growth of her organisation.

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How does one become an Azure database administrator?

Individuals who are familiar with ICT concepts of networking, storage, compute, application support and application development typically get started with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals - a six-part series that teaches you basic cloud concepts, provides a streamlined overview of many Azure services, and guides you with hands-on exercises to deploy your very first services. Though this isn’t mandatory, it is highly recommended and it offers learners a good first step. From there, you can take an exam and become Azure Fundamentals Microsoft Certified.

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The next step is to go through the Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions (DP-300) training course and to complete the DP-300 exam. The exam will measure your ability to plan and roll out data platform resources, monitor and make improvements to operational resources, and automate tasks within the environment.

Elmira's Microsoft Azure Database Certification

Elmira Ashouri enrolled for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals at Lumify Work (formerly DDLS) last January 2022. She became a Microsoft Certified Professional focusing on database administration shortly after. She currently works as the database administrator at an organisation that is responsible for operating Australia’s largest gas and electricity markets and power systems. Their organisation aims to deliver energy security for all Australians.

We're thankful for her taking the time to share her feedback and student experience with us. Our goal has always been to make experts within organisations by having them be trained by experts. And her story of how to become an MCP inspires us.

  1. How did you come up with the idea of getting Azure training?
    I was interested in enrolling in another course which was 20764 (Administering SQL database Infrastructure). But it was already retired last year. So, we decided to enrol in the replacement for it, which was DP-300.

  2. Tell us about what's expected of you in your role.
    I was expected to run and administer SQL database infrastructures on-premises.

  3. What was your training experience like?
    It was good, it was quite helpful.

  4. Any key takeaways from the training that stuck with you?
    Yes, I'm more confident now.

  5. How has the training impacted your work?
    The good thing is you’ve provided us with some labs and some tasks and instructions to follow, which are great and helpful.

Elmira's Azure training was for four days. During this time, she and fellow learners covered many topics with the trainer.

How does one prepare for a Microsoft certification exam like DP-300?

For Elmira, preparing for her DP-300 exam came in the form of lab work and trial projects. This helped with performing tasks for skills that are measured during the exam. These skills include planning and implementing data platform resources, implementing a secure environment, optimising query performance and rolling out a High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) environment.

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Prior to taking the test, you can also brush up on concepts like operating systems and virtualisation as well as SQL Server Network configurations and SQL Server table and index types and structures.

Are you ready to get Microsoft Azure certified?

A Microsoft certification benefits both professionals like Elmira as well as their organisations. Individuals gain job confidence, have the qualifications to advance their careers, and have the skills to support their teams. For organisations, it ensures that they have the right people with the right capabilities to help them move their company goals and projects forward.

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Lumify Work is Australia’s leading provider of corporate IT and process training and an exclusive partner of Microsoft, delivering robust training courses to help professionals prepare for certification. It has campuses in the Philippines and New Zealand too.

Courses are currently designed for certification paths under Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365, SQL Server, and Windows Server. Students will explore key concepts as well as practical skills, equipping them for successful exam performance. Find out more when you access our brochure on Microsoft certifications.

These are delivered through our Lumify Anywhere platform, helping you train according to your schedule and logistical needs - whether in person, virtual or hybrid. Get certified for Microsoft under a global IT leader today, and enquire with us on a course or certification path.

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