The PCEP™ - Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification shows that the individual is familiar with universal computer programming concepts like data types, containers, functions, conditions, loops, as well as Python programming language syntax, semantics, and the runtime environment.

The certification will be particularly valuable for:

  • Aspiring programmers and learners interested in learning programming for fun and job-related tasks

  • Learners looking to gain fundamental skills and knowledge for an entry-level job role as a software developer, data analyst, or tester

  • Industry professionals wishing to explore technologies that are connected with Python, or that utilise it as a foundation

  • Team leaders, product managers, and project managers who want to understand the terminology and processes in the software development cycle to more effectively manage and communicate with production and development teams

Exam Details
Exam duration 40 minutes
Number of Questions 30 questions
Type of Questions Single- and multiple-select questions, drag & drop, gap fill, sort, code fill, code insertion - Python 3.x
Passing Score 70%
Testing Provider OpenEDG Testing Service

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