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Applied Business Architecture

  • Length 3 days
  • Version 8
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Why study this course

With this Applied Business Architecture, Version 8 course, bridge the gap between strategy and execution by applying best practice Business Architecture methods and techniques. Empowering you with the confidence and skills to drive transformative change, this course offers a unique blend of foundational knowledge, practical application, and active engagement with real-world experts.

Applied Business Architecture is delivered by EA Learning and has been endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®). Lumify Work promotes this course for EA Learning.

Experience the transformative power of Business Architecture with this immersive three-day Applied Business Architecture course. Through storytelling, business modelling and visualisations, gain a comprehensive understanding of how to apply business architecture concepts and techniques. Address typical business questions and challenges using narrative techniques, critical thinking, design thinking, and architectural thinking.

Version 8 - released January 2024

For over a decade, EA Learning’s Applied Business Architecture course has been a cornerstone in the professional development of Business Architects worldwide. Now, it's not just evolved, it's transformed.

The latest iteration of this course, Applied Business Architecture, Version 8, represents a major leap forward, offering cutting-edge insights and practices, and an overall enhanced experience for attendees.

The content has been updated the learning experience reimagined for the digital age, transitioning from flip charts and sticky notes to the interactive realms of Miro whiteboards, making Advanced Business Architecture more accessible than ever with engaging and collaborative virtual classrooms.

Version 8 - Key features and improvements

Now endorsed by IIBA and eligible for PD Hours / CDUs: Applied Business Architecture, Version 8 is endorsed by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and will automatically qualify for 24 PD Hours / CDUs toward IIBA certifications.

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Enhanced Interactivity with Over 30 Hands-On Activities and Exercises: The latest iteration of Applied Business Architecture, Version 8, elevates the 'learn by doing' philosophy to new heights. With more than 30 carefully curated activities and exercises, attendees will engage in a dynamic learning process. These exercises are thoughtfully structured to include both individual tasks and collaborative group work, ensuring a comprehensive and interactive experience that caters to diverse learning styles.

Miro Whiteboards: Experience the power of collaboration and transform the way you learn with new Miro whiteboard activities. Dive into real-time collaboration on Business Architecture activities throughout the course, where you will brainstorm, strategise, and visualise solutions alongside peers from anywhere around the globe. Applied Business Architecture, Version 8 brings the hands-on experience of a workshop to your screen, ensuring you gain practical skills that apply directly to your work. From interactive strategy mapping to stakeholder engagement exercises, this course offers hands-on learning that mirrors real-world challenges using a case study.

TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition: Stay at the forefront of Business Architecture with the curriculum's strong alignment with the TOGAF 10th Edition, including both TOGAF EA and TOGAF Business Architecture. Whether you are TOGAF-certified or exploring its frameworks for the first time, this course offers deep insights and practical applications of these principles, ensuring you're equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. Applied Business Architecture, Version 8 also relates to leading and emerging Bodies of Knowledge, including both BIZBOK® and BABOK®.

Suitable for everyone from Business Analysts and Architects and Pre-Sales Teams to Business Leaders: Applied Business Architecture, Version 8 resonates more than ever with a diverse range of professionals. Including pre-sales teams, who find the strategic overlays we teach invaluable for aligning solutions with business needs - right up to Business Leaders, Chief Architects, Transformation Leaders, Implementers and Operations Managers. This course features tailored content to meet the needs of today's dynamic business environments, making it a perfect fit for anyone looking to enhance their strategic planning and execution capabilities.

Improved Overlays: What further sets this course apart are the unique strategic overlays we teach, providing a fresh perspective on business architecture challenges. These insights, combined with the interactive learning environment of the Miro whiteboard to complete over 30 activities and exercises, offer unparalleled value to participants, equipping them with the tools to lead and innovate.

Course presenters - Channelling real-world expertise into learning

This Applied Business Architecture course is led by expert presenters with extensive experience in Enterprise and Business Architecture. They draw upon a wealth of personal anecdotes and practical situations they’ve encountered, directly relating to the course material. Their ability to weave these real-life examples into the fabric of the curriculum brings an unparalleled depth to the learning experience. Participants benefit from insights that go beyond theoretical knowledge, gaining an understanding of how to apply business architecture principles in actual professional scenarios.


Please note: This course is currently available only as a virtual class. You will need a laptop/tablet with internet connectivity to join the virtual classroom and view the electronic course materials. Course materials will be provided to you in a digital format prior to the course commencing.

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What you’ll learn

Attendees will learn how to successfully:

  • Create a Business Motivation Model to structure strategic thinking

  • Create a Business Model Canvas to conceptualise strategic business models

  • Create a Business Capability Model to conceptualise and structure a business operating model

  • Use a Capability-based Planning approach to shape and operationalise strategy

  • Identify key Stakeholders and their concerns; determine how to find answers for those concerns

  • Summarise useful ways to engage with Stakeholders through a strategic planning process

  • Summarise Business Modelling techniques and artefacts

  • Use a Business Capability Model as an Anchor Model for a variety of strategic analyses

  • Summarise a variety of strategic analyses of business capabilities

  • Create a simple Transition Plan to stage strategic execution

  • Present a strategic narrative to an executive audience using artefacts to illustrate strategic advice

How you'll benefit from this course

Skill Enhancement through Practical Case Study Application: This course transcends traditional theoretical learning, offering a unique case study approach that immerses you in real-world scenarios. You'll gain hands-on experience in strategic business alignment, stakeholder engagement, and architecture governance. This approach ensures that you can confidently apply these essential skills in your professional projects. Working collaboratively with peers, you'll tackle practical activities and exercises based on the case study, preparing you to seamlessly transfer these competencies to your organisation.

From Strategy to Operations: Learn how to gain a deep understanding of an organisation's current and desired future state and interpret and contextualise strategies that drive real, tangible results. Improve your strategic thinking by practising how to identify opportunities and challenges and communicate effectively using business storytelling.

Comprehensive Business Architecture Skillset: Dive deep into the principles of business architecture with this extensive curriculum. You will develop a thorough understanding of how to apply Business Architecture techniques to construct a resilient and adaptive enterprise. This includes foundational knowledge, best practices, and innovative approaches such as Capability Planning, which merges critical thinking with design and architectural thinking, bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

Capability Planning and Mapping for Strategic Alignment: Learn about the various elements that make up a business and how they interact to achieve organisational goals. Map strategic overlays and maturity assessments to provide clarity on strategic objectives, identify misalignment, and determine where to optimise people, processes, information, and tools.

Interactive Learning, Collaborative Problem-Solving and Networking Opportunities: With over 30 dynamic activities and exercises, this course is designed to be highly interactive and engaging. These exercises, ranging from individual tasks to group collaborations, foster a practical understanding of designing and implementing effective business strategies, managing stakeholders, and applying TOGAF principles to real-world situations. The focus on interactive learning ensures that you leave with practical skills and a deep understanding of how to innovate and where to optimise business processes. During the course, you’ll work alongside professionals from anywhere around the world, enhancing your learning experience and potentially expanding your professional network. This collaborative environment is conducive to developing robust skills in tackling complex Business Architecture challenges, encouraging you to share insights and learn from the experiences of others.

Powerful Business Value Assessments: This course empowers you to conduct incisive business value assessments of projects and IT initiatives, linking them directly to business strategies. These skills are crucial for delivering impactful results and driving transformative change within any organisation.

Roadmap to Success: Learn how to create a roadmap for the transition plan to uplift business capabilities (people, process, information, technology) and how to present findings in a relatable way, using a storyboard that speaks to all stakeholders.

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EA Learning at Lumify Work

EA Learning provides industry leading training and certifications to Business & IT Architects and Transformation professionals, focusing on skills that are highly sought after by organisations globally. EA Learning is the leading provider of TOGAF certification and is one of the premier providers of Business Architecture Training globally.

Who is the course for?

Visionary business leaders

Ideal for CXOs, strategists, planners, and department heads. This course is designed for those at the helm of their organisations, seeking to drive innovation and steer their businesses towards success. Learn how to:

  • Develop a Strategic Roadmap: Craft a clear and structured roadmap to guide your business in achieving its strategic objectives and goals.

  • Optimise Investment Strategies: Strategically allocate resources to maximise impact, while also identifying and reducing areas of excessive expenditure.

  • Leverage Capabilities for Opportunities: Seek out and utilise both current and emerging strengths and competencies to enhance business growth.

  • Address and Resolve Challenges: Identify obstacles hindering strategic success and devise effective solutions to overcome them.

  • Streamline Operations for Efficiency: Identify and eliminate redundant processes, focusing on simplifying, rationalising, and enhancing overall performance.

Champions of transformation

Tailored for chief architects, enterprise architects, program architects, program managers, and change managers. It's perfect for those leading the charge in transforming their organisations, equipping them with the tools to effectively manage and execute large-scale changes. In addition to the topics covered above, you'll also learn to:

  • Evaluate Business Capability Alignment: Assess the alignment and effectiveness of your business's current capabilities in achieving its strategic objectives and executing its plans.

  • Identify Capability Enhancements: Ascertain and evaluate required improvements in your business's skills, processes, information systems, and technology to support and achieve its strategic goals and objectives.

  • Analyse Interdependencies for Transformation: Map and analyse the interdependencies essential for designing and optimising your transformation roadmap.

  • Align Transformation with Business Goals: Maintain alignment of your transformation program with your business’s strategies, goals, plans and objectives using a comprehensive framework for tracking, evaluating, guiding, governing and managing it.

  • Assess Strategic Impact of Challenges: Evaluate the broader strategic implications of significant obstacles and problematic projects.

  • Adapt Transformation Roadmap Dynamically: Regularly adjust and fine-tune your transformation roadmap to effectively respond to challenges and evolving circumstances.

Innovative change makers and builders

Suited for the creative and hands-on professionals including business, solution, and IT architects, analysts, designers, engineers, project managers, change coordinators, specialists, and subject matter experts. This course will empower those who are actively shaping and implementing the future of their organisations. In addition to the topics covered above, you'll also learn to:

  • Improve Project Planning and Coordination: Streamline your project management by identifying and analysing the interdependencies between your project and concurrent initiatives, enabling better foresight and issue resolution.

Efficient operations managers

Ideal for those managing the day-to-day operations, seeking to enhance their strategic planning and execution skills to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to the topics covered above, you'll also learn to:

  • Identify and Analyse Systemic Operational Issues: Conduct a thorough examination of your operating model to pinpoint systemic problems and understand their root causes.

Sales and pre-sales experts

A valuable resource for consultants, advisors, and professionals in sales and pre-sales roles. This course provides deep insights into business architecture, enabling them to better understand client needs and offer tailored, strategic solutions. In addition to the topics covered above, you'll also learn to:

  • Highlight and Advocate for Solution Value: Focus on recognising and effectively communicating how your solution offerings can enhance and bring added value to your clients' operational environments.

Course subjects

Day one sets the stage for an enriching and insightful journey.

By the end of the day, you'll have not only grasped the basics but also participated in practical exercises that prepare you to face the dynamic and ever-changing challenges of business architecture. Welcome to the world of business architects, where your ability to shape and drive strategic decisions begins!

  • The Next Generation Business Architect: This Applied Business Architecture course begins with an exploration of what it means to be a modern business architect. Discover the evolving role and responsibilities of business architects in the dynamic business landscape.

  • Applying Business Architecture: Gain insights into the practical applications of business architecture and how it serves as a linchpin for driving organisational change and innovation.

  • The Case Study: We'll initiate your hands-on experience with a compelling case study. This practical exercise will lay the foundation for your understanding of real-world business architecture challenges.

  • Engaging Stakeholders and Eliciting Concerns: One of the cornerstones of effective business architecture is stakeholder engagement. Learn how to identify and involve key stakeholders and elicit their concerns, ensuring a holistic perspective.

  • Business Modelling: Dive deep into the art of business modeling, a fundamental skill for business architects. Understand how to create clear and structured representations of your organisation.

  • Strategic Planning: Explore the critical link between business architecture and strategic planning. Discover how business architecture is the bridge that connects your organisation's goals to its operational reality.

  • Business Model Canvas: Unpack the powerful tool known as the Business Model Canvas. Learn how to use this framework to dissect and innovate business models, adding a new layer of strategic thinking to your toolkit.

Day two is designed to equip you with a deep understanding of how value systems work within your organisation, providing you with the tools and frameworks to enhance your strategic planning and decision-making.

By the end of this day, you'll be well-prepared to contribute to your organisation's value creation and delivery in a meaningful way.

  • Value Disciplines: Understand the concept of value disciplines and how they are the fundamental building blocks for delivering value to your customers. Discover the three key disciplines and how they influence your business strategy.

  • Value Chains: Dive into the anatomy of value creation within your organisation by exploring the concept of value chains. Learn how to identify, optimise, and transform your value chain to meet strategic objectives.

  • Value Streams and Networks: In a world where value is increasingly co-created through networks and streams, we'll delve into how these concepts impact your business architecture and strategic planning.

  • The Value Proposition Canvas: Craft compelling value propositions that resonate with your customers. Learn how to create a canvas that outlines how your products or services meet customer needs.

  • Capability Mapping and Business Capability Model: Understand the pivotal role of capabilities in creating and delivering value. Explore the process of capability mapping and how it connects to the business capability model.

  • Introduction to Overlays and Strategic Analysis: Lay the foundation for strategic analyses using overlays to assess your current state and identify areas for improvement.

  • Current State Strategic Analysis: Learn how to evaluate your organisation's current state from a strategic standpoint. Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that can shape your future direction.

  • Capability Maturity: Assess and measure the maturity of your organisation's capabilities. Understand how capability maturity impacts your ability to deliver value effectively.

  • Pain Points: In the quest for delivering value, you will undoubtedly encounter challenges. Explore strategies for identifying and addressing pain points within your organisation.

Day three equips you with the knowledge and skills to anticipate, plan, and execute strategic decisions with precision.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in business architecture, this day's sessions will leave you inspired and ready to tackle the complex world of strategic business analyses.

  • Project Uplift: Start the final day of the course by dissecting "Project Uplift", a case study that exemplifies the dynamic nature of business architecture. Get ready to immerse yourself in a real-world scenario, where we'll analyse a business's ambitious project aimed at transformation.

  • Industry Market: Understanding the pulse of the market is crucial. We'll take a deep dive into the current state of industry markets and how it sets the stage for strategic decisions.

  • Disruption and Strategic Impact: Disruption can be daunting or exhilarating, depending on how well-prepared you are. Learn how to identify disruptive forces and leverage them for your strategic advantage.

  • Strategic Importance of Capabilities: The capabilities of a business are its lifeblood. Discover the art of recognising and harnessing these core competencies.

  • Strategic Insights: We then turn attention to crafting insights that are pivotal for strategic planning. Learn how to extract actionable insights from data and trends.

  • Strategic Analysis: Future - Maturity: It's not just about the present; it's about envisioning the future. This session will guide you through projecting your business architecture into the future and determining maturity levels.

  • Target State Architecture (BCM): Business Capability Modeling (BCM) is a key tool for business architects. We'll explore the target state architecture and how it aligns with the strategic goals.

  • Capability Uplift: Transition Planning and Roadmap: How do you bridge the gap between your current state and your desired state? Discover the art of capability uplift, transition planning, and crafting a strategic roadmap.

  • Presenting the Findings: Knowing is one thing; communicating your insights effectively is another. We'll share tips and best practices for presenting your strategic analyses with impact.

  • Business Architecture and Execution: Bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Learn how to translate strategic vision into actionable plans that drive results.

  • Emerging Practices: The business world is ever-evolving. Explore the latest emerging practices in business architecture that keep you at the forefront of innovation.

  • Wrap-Up: As we approach the end of the course, we'll take a moment to reflect on the day's learnings and insights. Prepare for an engaging discussion and Q&A to ensure all your queries are addressed.


There are no prerequisites for this course, however knowledge of business fundamentals and TOGAF are an advantage.

Industry Association Recognition

This Applied Business Architecture, Version 8 course is endorsed by IIBA and will automatically qualify for 24 PD Hours / CDUs toward IIBA certifications.

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA­®)

  • Credit hours: 24 hours

  • Continuing Development Units (CDUs): 24 CDUs


Lumify Work offers certification and training through our partnership with EA Learning. This arrangement requires Lumify Work to provide your details to EA Learning for course and/or exam registration purposes.

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