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Copilot Studio in a Day (IAD)

  • Length 1 day
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Why study this course

This one-day, instructor-led Copilot Studio in a Day (CPSIAD) workshop offers a comprehensive learning path, focusing on hands-on activities using Microsoft Power Platform, specifically Microsoft Copilot Studio and Power Automate. This course is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Integration with Latest Technologies: It incorporates Power Virtual Agents’ capabilities, significantly enhanced through investments in generative AI and Microsoft Copilot integrations.

  • Fundamentals and Advanced Skills: The course teaches the creation of basic chatbots, fundamentals of message and question nodes, system topics understanding, and variable usage.

  • Practical Applications with Power Automate: Learners gain skills in connecting chatbots to Power Automate, enabling them to handle data from various sources, perform complex operations, and integrate these functionalities within their chatbots.

Overall, this course is ideal for building practical skills in chatbot creation and integration with modern AI technologies, making it highly relevant for individuals interested in developing advanced chatbot solutions.

Note that students do not need access to a Microsoft 365 subscription (BYOS) with Copilot licence for this course.

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What you’ll learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Start Building with Microsoft Power Platform: You’ll initiate your journey by constructing a basic chatbot using the Microsoft Power Platform, laying the foundation for more advanced features.

  • Create Your First Chatbot: Gain practical experience in crafting your first chatbot within Microsoft Copilot Studio, understanding the core aspects of chatbot development.

  • Understand Message and Question Nodes: Delve into the fundamentals of message and question nodes, get acquainted with system topics, and learn how to effectively utilise variables in your chatbot design.

  • Integrate with Power Automate: Discover how Microsoft Copilot Studio integrates with Power Automate, enabling your chatbot to process user responses, interact with diverse data sources, and execute complex data operations, showcasing the platform’s versatility and robust data handling capabilities.

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Who is the course for?

Anyone interested in learning more and getting hands on experience with building their own conversation AI Copilot.

Course subjects

  • Get started with Generative AI - Copilot Creation

  • Get started with Generative AI - Generative Answers

  • Fundamental Knowledge - Natural Language Understanding with Microsoft Copilot Studio

  • Requirements Gathering and Topic Planning

  • Entities in Microsoft Copilot Studio

  • Variables

  • Use Variables in Conditions

  • Use Topic Nodes

  • Question Node Behavior

  • Rich Text Options for Message and Question Nodes

  • Message Variations

  • Productivity Features

  • Speech Authoring

  • Code View and Power Fx

  • Fundamental Knowledge - Power Automate


Terms & Conditions

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