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Technology can either amplify business problems or serve as a catalyst for growth. Outdated systems can hinder progress, while embracing technology enables streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and new opportunities for success. By learning how to leverage technology; automation, data analytics, and digital platforms, businesses can overcome challenges and unlock their full potential.


As the leading provider of information and communications technology training in Australasia, we designed and put together training programs to help small businesses keep pace with the technological changes that drive business transformation. Access training with Australian Government Training Grants for Small Business.

Tailored to Your Industry and Preferences

We understand that each business and industry has its own unique characteristics. That's why our training goes beyond standard courses. We customise our training to align with your specific business and industry, ensuring that the knowledge and skills you gain are directly applicable to your unique needs.

Flexible Learning Options

We recognise that everyone has different schedules and learning preferences. That's why we offer a variety of learning formats, including in-person workshops, virtual classrooms, and self-paced online modules. You have the freedom to choose what and how you want to learn. To keep you on track, we provide optional drop-in sessions, progress assessments, and feedback from our dedicated instructors, ensuring you stay motivated and accountable for your learning journey.

Affordable Pricing

We believe in providing quality training that is accessible to all businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises. Our courses are priced competitively without compromising on value. Additionally, we offer workshops and webinars that allow you to sample our expertise before committing to full courses. This helps you experience the quality of our work firsthand and reduces any decision-making risks.


Deduct up to 20% of your training cost if your business has an annual turnover of less than $50 million.

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Cyber security, cloud, and project management training for small business

Lumify Work has put together self-paced and drop-in options for cyber security, cloud, and project management training for small business.

Our security awareness training for small business helps educate every member of your organisation on how to protect your business from external cyber threats. Courses range from end user training to a foundational certification course in cybersecurity that lets your identified team member get started with their cyber career track as the organisation expands.

With cloud computing training, you can learn how to leverage the cloud to grow faster, increase efficiencies and scale your company to the next level. We understand that small business teams are often pulled left and right to address different problems. So, we want to help you maximise cloud platforms so you can automate some tasks.

And you can develop your team’s project management capability to improve business results and deliver projects better, faster, and cheaper by implementing best practice project management processes. This way, your team has a clear structure for identifying who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed about a project. With knowledge of project management frameworks, your team gains the confidence to strategise, prioritise and recognise when tasks are piling up and creeping in. 

If you want to increase productivity and job satisfaction within your team, let's talk about small business courses. Enquire today.

Flexible ICT Training for Small Business

For leaner organisations, signing up for Information and Communitions technology (ICT) training often means taking time out of the office and dipping into your limited budget. We hear you!

We designed the flexible delivery of small business courses online with insights from customers. These flexible training delivery options include self-paced programs and drop-in sessions. These offer the balance between time out of work and staff turnovers with the need to increase productivity and support employees with their career progression and certifications.

  • Self-paced learning offers introductory materials that you can study on your own. These materials are delivered through our online training platforms for small businesses. They include technical instructor recordings, course content and interactive exercises. This training allows students to learn at their own pace, spend more time on material where needed, and reinforce concepts.

  • Lumify Work also developed 'drop-in' sessions specifically for learners who prefer self-paced study but with the added benefit of an expert instructor who can guide them. Students can study the materials independently and then book a time with an instructor to discuss specific questions. Students can email their questions beforehand to the instructor to maximise the use of the session. Trainers deliver these sessions remotely. Drop-in sessions come in blocks of 45 minutes each.

Please enquire with our team about available training programs for small businesses with self-paced and drop-in options. Our team can support you with information on planning for employee career progression, training to incorporate innovative technologies and how to offer training as an employee benefit to boost job satisfaction and team morale.

Face the digital transformation head on

In a 2022 survey of 1,500 Australian small to medium businesses (SMBs), 59% say they are currently experiencing poor digitisation - where their business and people management software apps and tools run in silos rather than seamlessly integrating. This data is according to research by business management platform MYOB.

Australia's small and medium-sized businesses collectively invest $2.2 billion (about $10.79 per person) each year on digital solutions to help improve business operations. Maximising this investment means setting people up for success with the skills to use the technology effectively. Lumify Work has researched and developed courses tailored to help SMBs better handle the technological challenges they face. We designed our small business ICT training to provide businesses and their staff with the skills and knowledge needed to manage technology effectively in an SMB environment.

Our courses cover topics such as Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Project Management. More courses are underway; we are rapidly developing them based on the needs of SMBs and growing technological change.

We listened to leaner organisations about their pain points -- many hats, little time for training and long task lists. We then tailored and curated our courses to address these concerns. Our courses are shorter and more flexible so busy professionals can fit them into their schedules.

Most courses have no specific prerequisites apart from a fundamental understanding of project management, cloud computing, information technology, and experience with the primary and day-to-day use of conventional computing technology, including desktop, laptop, or tablet computers; mobile phones; and essential Internet functions, such as web browsing and email. Some courses require a basic knowledge of specific platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Take your team to the next level. Please reach out to enquire about ICT training for your small businesses today.

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