Microsoft Cloud Certification is a must-have for businesses.

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Years into the pandemic and cloud adoption continues to increase in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Cloud computing has radically changed the way many organisations, large and small, government and business, deploy the information technologies essential to their operations.

But an enormous migration and modernisation opportunity remains.

Addressing these opportunities demands new skills of IT staff: to deploy, configure, secure and manage cloud resources; and in some cases to manage applications that operate differently in a cloud environment.

Cloud services are booming and are inextricably linked to the efforts of organisations to achieve digital transformation.

According to a survey sponsored by Microsoft in The Economist:

72 per cent of organisations reported their industry’s pace of digital transformation accelerated because of COVID-19.

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading public cloud services, widely used by organisations of all kinds and sizes. In addition to the essential processing and storage requirements, Azure delivers supplementary services such as artificial intelligence.

Apart from Azure, there is Microsoft 365 that incorporates cloud-based applications of Microsoft Office along with OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering CRM and ERP applications.

To ensure customers can make full use of these cloud services, Microsoft has developed a comprehensive suite of training materials and certifications so that IT professionals can acquire and verify the skills needed to deploy and manage Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics.

Organisations can find support in upskilling their team and in finding the right internal or external partners, with DDLS and with Microsoft that has developed a comprehensive suite of training materials and certifications.

In this e-Book, let's explore:

  • The growth of the cloud in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines

  • Microsoft cloud skills identified

  • Cloud adjacent skills you can consider for your team

  • The Value of a Microsoft Certification for business

  • Microsoft Role-based Certifications explained

  • What Certifications are Available?

  • Microsoft Certified Learning Partners

  • Why Choose DDLS For Your Microsoft Cloud Training?

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