How can CEOs and Senior Leadership promote the safe and efficient use of GPT? Lumify Group's Head of Vendor Partnerships, Gary Duffield and Technical Instructor, Chris Duffy, talk about AI for business leaders and executives, and courses that help teams with how to best use ChatGPT.

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Read the transcript of the Lumify Work Fireside Chat on ChatGPT-Beginner below

Gary Duffield: Hello and welcome to this Lumify Fireside Chat. My name is Gary Duffield and I'm part of the senior leadership team here at Lumify Work. Joining me today is Chris Duffy, trainer and author.

He'll be sharing some insights on how CEOs and Senior leadership can really promote the use of GPT.

Chris Duffy: Hi Gary, thanks for joining us and for having me here today.

Gary: You're very welcome, looking forward to getting a lot of value out of this. We're in an interesting time really from my personal circumstances. I don't think there's been a time where we've pivoted so quickly to a new shiny technology.

Everybody is talking about GPT right now. And the impact it's going to have on business. So let's start at the very top: What do CEOs and Senior leadership need to have really front of mind? Let me start thinking about Generative AI, and ChatGPT, Are all of these the same things? What needs to be front of mind?

Chris: Gary, it's all taken off in a bit of a rush with all of this. And there's a lot of misinformation out there. But the big thing that people need to concentrate on immediately is actually working out what Generative AI is and provide themselves with the Education and Training about it.

First, so that they can actually go and understand what they're using it for. Lots of people are getting confused with ChatGPT just being a web application, which is the chat GPT website itself. Rather than there being a whole series of models behind that are giving us the answers to the questions that are being typed in. And so the process moving forward and the really important thing to understand is which models work the best and how we can integrate ChatGPT into our everyday business lives to actually go and make these huge productivity improvements as we move forward.

Gary: And I think that's the $64,000 question really. One of the questions that I get asked when I talk to senior leaders in our clients is "Yeah, I've heard of this ChatGPT, this Generative AI. I'm not sort of sure of the impact it's going to have on my business." So maybe the question we should be really asking is where does this fit into into an organisation? What value is it going to deliver to an organisation?

Chris: So, Gary that's a really great question because where it fits into the business is very much dependent upon the type of business where it's being used. ChatGPT is really great for Content Creation, so it can go and do all of your email management, it can go and do your social media campaigns and it can just be really great at presenting you an outline of ideas to take up from there.

We can use it for coding we can use it for linking up our APIs or our our ticketing systems so that ChatGPT can also go and grab that information and present it to our end users.

Gary: You know what? The very next question that comes out when I explain to CEOs, is not just similar to the example that you've just given, you know. You can almost see the colour drain from their face and the next question is you know: How to ensure Privacy, how to ensure that our IP is safe? What do we do about security whilst at the same time getting some value from AI and GPT?

Chris: Okay, well the privacy issue is really, pretty simple at the end of the day; don't put up into the cloud anything that you don't want to appear on the Channel 9 news the following day.

Privacy and security have always been at the forefront of everything that we do and ChatGPT is no different.

We can go down and create our own private models if we want to so we can go and use offerings from Azure, whereby, we can go and grab the models themselves and use them in our everyday lives. But quite honestly, the whole problem with privacy is just don't put anything out to the cloud that you don't want to be seen.

Gary: And that makes perfect sense and would apply that same rigour with everything that we do. And certainly don't put data into public models because that would be a recipe for disaster.

But bearing in mind the audience of this fireside chat is leaders and senior leaders inside organisations, if we were to share sort of the one thing that leaders should be doing now, I suggest that's probably getting a good handle on what GPT is and is capable of. Do you have any thoughts as to what the one thing that organisational leadership should be doing today when it comes to ChatGPT or AI? General AI, I should say.

Chris: Yeah well, it's really all just about education. It's about knowing what these models are, or how they work, how they can really start to benefit the organisations, how they go and when they can be used. The world is confused by the speed with which this AI is moved in because suddenly we're sitting there saying it's just new to the world when this integral technology has been around for quite some time.

It started as completion models, it's now developed into chat models but there are lots of other models that are out there.

And these models will be updated as we go on a regular basis by regular intervals by all of the big tech companies. So really, it's about education, how we can use it, how you can incorporate it and how we can keep all of our information private.

And education starts, of course, with all of the courses we can do here at Lumify, which include our ChatGPT - Beginner course and to a certain extent, the vendor-specific, instructor-led offerings such as the AI courses provided by Microsoft.

Gary: Yeah, we're seeing increasingly that all of the vendors are. I'll say, jumping on the bandwagon. But really making sure that they are represented in what is becoming, you know, for us, one of the fastest growing areas of learning. Cyber security grows incredibly quickly for us but also we've released the Beginner's Course for ChatGPT, as you just described. And we've pretty much filled the first event within three seconds of putting it out on the internet. So, there's extreme interest out there.

If you'd like to know a little bit more about that course then you're very welcome to jump on the Nexacu or Lumify Work websites. Have a quick search for it. If you'd like to attend the course, please reach out to your account manager or check out at Or you can even email [email protected].

We've had exactly four minutes to tell you about ChatGPT. We can't do it justice, the reality is it's out there you need to get on top of it to understand both the risk and the value it can bring to your organisation.

Now if you like this video, we would really love you to hit the little bell and subscribe to our Channel. And do please take care and enjoy your experiences with Generative AI.

Thank you very much, Chris! I really appreciate your time today.

Chris: Thank you, Gary! It's been fun.

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