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AWS Cloud Computing Professional (AWCCP) - Full Bootcamp

  • Length 4-6 months
  • Price  NZD 5721.55 exc GST
  • Inclusions Exam vouchers x3
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Why study this course

Following the 123% growth in the Australian cloud market between 2018 and 2023 and the continued adoption by industry and government, demands for skilled cloud computing professionals continue to rise.

The AWS Cloud Computing Certified Professional bootcamp will help you develop in-demand skills, positioning you for a rewarding career in Cloud Computing, with a focus on leading cloud service provider – AWS.

This course is designed to build your knowledge, skills, and abilities in cloud computing from fundamentals through to managing and designing cloud solutions. The two AWS certifications are the starting point for AWS's top six career paths in cloud computing. You will be applying your learning through hands-on labs and sandboxes to simulate a real-world experience allowing you to test one of the most widely used platforms, all in a risk-free and controlled setting.

Full Bootcamp or Fast Track?

The AWS Cloud Computing Certified Professional course is delivered in 2 formats:

  • Full Bootcamp: Ideal for those who want to start their careers in cloud computing, as it includes the valuable starting credential CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ and two AWS certifications.

  • Fast Track: ideal for upskillers and those already working in the industry; it's focused on two AWS certifications. Click here for the Fast Track version of the course.

In this interactive online course, students are guided by experts in the field who mentor them through the entire process, and students have the added advantage of taking the course content at their own pace.

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What you’ll learn

Through this course, you will establish knowledge in the following areas:

  • Setting up a cloud solution environment

  • Planning, configuring, and deploying a cloud solution

  • Understanding AWS Cloud Computing fundamentals

  • Grasping the business principles of cloud environments

  • Managing technical operations and governance

  • Navigating risk, compliance, and security

  • Exploring cloud architecture

  • Studying web services and APIs

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Who is the course for?

People looking for a successful career in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of Cloud Computing.

This Full Bootcamp format is ideal for those starting their careers in cloud computing, as it includes the valuable starting credential CompTIA Cloud Essentials+.

Alternatively, the Fast Track format is ideal for upskillers and those already working in the industry.

Course subjects

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+

This certification confirms your comprehensive understanding of cloud computing principles, enabling professionals to make informed decisions about cloud services and business impact. Gain essential skills to optimise cloud resources, enhance security, and propel your career in the dynamic and rapidly growing cloud industry.

Do you have some IT/Cloud experience? You can fast track your studies and skip this certification.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

This foundational certification offers industry recognition, a solid AWS knowledge base, and opens doors to various roles. Start your cloud career, showcase your understanding of AWS services, and set the stage for advanced certifications with this valuable credential.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Learn how to design and deploy scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud solutions. From understanding the core AWS services to mastering best practices for architecture design, this program will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.


  • The course has no prerequisites; even if you are brand new to IT, with the right attitude and appetite to learn, you will be able to join the course.

  • While there are no prerequisites for the course, you will need to have access to a laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection.


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Terms & Conditions

The supply of this course by Lumify Work is governed by the booking terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before enrolling in this course, as enrolment in the course is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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