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Managing Bids and Tenders with the Bid.Win.Deliver Framework

  • Length 2 days
  • Price  NZD 1900 exc GST
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Why study this course

Ideal for any professional who works on bids or tenders.

Many organisations find that responding to RFPs (Request for Proposal) and RFTs (Request for Tender) is a frustrating experience. However, large contracts in B2B and B2G markets are mostly won through these formal procurement programmes.

Organisations can improve win rates and secure more profitable business by building capability in bid management. Professionals in sales and non-sales roles can enhance their careers by understanding how to develop compelling and competitive bid responses.

This course focuses on the fundamental knowledge and strategic processes needed to build capability or extend skills in bid management. This course also explores the Bid.Win.Deliver™ Framework, a conceptual guide that helps organisations to navigate the challenges of bids and tenders.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the B2B and B2G procurement lifecycle

  • Analysing of RFP and RFT documentation

  • Making bid/no-bid decisions

  • Understanding pricing models and profitability

  • Creating compelling bid documentation

  • Planning and managing a bid response

  • Managing and leading bid teams

  • Understanding commercial and delivery risk

  • Assessing commercial supply contracts

  • Working as an effective bid team member

  • Conducting a contract handover

  • Implementing sales governance

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Bid.Win.Deliver at Lumify Work

The Bid.Win.Deliver™ Framework has been conceived and developed based on many years of experience across widely varying industries and organisations, from global tech leaders to new start-ups. Research and insights on best-practices in bid management make a powerful case for professional bid management as a competitive advantage.

Who is the course for?

Sales, Pre-Sales, and Post-Sales staff who need to respond to RFPs and RFTs.Sales managers, account managers, project managers, practice managers, pre-sales consultants, solution architects, technical specialists, commercial staff, bid managers, bid coordinators, bid writers.

Course subjects

  • Understanding RFP or RFT documentation

  • Bid responses and bid management

  • Commercial finance

  • Commercial contracts

  • Profit, pricing, value and risk

  • Business challenges and solutions

  • Customer procurement process

  • Sales management

  • Sales governance

  • Compelling and competitive bid responses

  • Planning a bid response

  • Managing a bid response

  • Producing compelling bid documents

  • Understanding and working with the Bid.Win.Deliver Framework


None, but prior experience in sales or working on a bid team will be useful.

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