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  • Length 1 day
  • Price  NZD 800 exc GST
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Why study this course

Agile frameworks aim to deliver workable business solutions, in a fraction of the time that other traditional approaches can deliver.

Whether you are from a small or large organisation, private or public sector, you can apply an Agile framework to your organisation. Today’s fast paced and competitive business environment is increasing pressure on organisations to deliver services and working solutions in shorter and more aggressive timeframes, without compromising on quality and profit. To meet the modern-day challenge of doing more with less, businesses need to adopt a more flexible and dynamic approach to delivering projects: the Scrum Agile way.

This one-day workshop provides participants with a high-level end-to-end understanding of Scrum, and how Scrum Agile processes can guide the planning, management and control of successful Agile projects.

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What you’ll learn

Successful completion of this course will enable participants to:

  • Understand the concepts, benefits and risks of Scrum

  • Understand the philosophy, approach and principles of Agile

  • Understand the lifecycle and roles

  • Elicit, analyse, prioritise and manage requirements

  • Understand the importance of negotiation and collaboration

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Scrum at Lumify Work

Scrum is today's most popular Agile project management and project development methodology/framework. It is an adaptive, iterative, efficient, and effective framework designed to deliver significant value quickly and throughout a project. Scrum ensures transparency in communication and creates an environment of collective accountability and continuous progress.

Lumify Work offers the most popular Scrum course, Scrum Master, as well as Scrum Product Owner and more.

Who is the course for?

Anyone interested in learning the core principle of Scrum or looking to receive training on the high-level role of team members for a Scrum Project.

Course subjects

Why Choose Agile?

  • Typical Project Risks

  • Why Agile works and its challenges

  • Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles

The Scrum Framework

  • What is Scrum?

  • The Three Pillars

  • The Scrum Master

  • The Product Owner

  • The Scrum Team

  • The Self-Organising Team

  • Sprint Planning

  • Sprints

  • Daily Scrum

  • Backlog Refinement

  • Sprint Review

  • Sprint Retrospectives

  • Scrum of Scrums



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