A guiding principle for project management professionals today is 'sustainability.' As we analyse the many global forces impacting society, many are seeing how work must not only be done on time and on budget but with consideration for its effects on the environment and the community.

A push for sustainability when you learn the principles of project management - Sustainability

In addition to seeking out visionaries, companies must identify and develop the capabilities of people who can focus on getting things done and better.

It is also because of these evolving demands that project managers need to build up their skills and knowledge and build a stronger presence in the market.

In the 2022 Global Megatrends report, Project Management Institute (PMI) COO Mike DePrisco writes:

"Project professionals, of course, are born changemakers. Organisations have long turned to project managers and professionals with project skills to help them turn ideas into reality. What truly sets this community apart is their focus on implementation — figuring out how to make something concrete out of an audacious goal. This skill set will be more indispensable in the years ahead than ever before."

What Does a Project Manager Do?

When it comes to the matter of sustainability, the Institute of Project Management notes that project managers are, after all, responsible for directing the consumption of financial, material, time and human resources. They assess all factors, inside and outside of the organisation, throughout the life cycle of a project.

A push for sustainability when you learn the principles of project management - Project Management Training

Project management involves the planning and overseeing of a wide range of projects to ensure they stay on track and align with a company’s core objectives. Project manager officers (PMOs) monitor the budget throughout each stage from conception to completion, while maintaining communication with team members as well as key stakeholders.

Project managers delegate tasks to team members based on individual experience and find ways to ‘put the pieces together’ to help every person work as part of a unified whole. They document activities throughout various project stages, ensuring both short-term and long-term goals are continually met.

Most modern positions are data-centric, in that project managers use analytics to keep tabs on key performance indicators (KPIs) and streamline project completion.

What are the industries that use project management?

A career in project management can span multiple industries and departments. Touro University ranked healthcare as the top employer for projects managers today followed by construction, information technology and financial services.

In terms of the size of the demand, it is forecasted that 22 million new project management-related jobs will be needed worldwide between 2017 and 2027.

In Jobstreet by SEEK in the Philippines, the number is 13,725.

Is it worth doing a Project Management course?

Given the global outlook, definitely! Most companies expect candidates to complete a project management course before working in the field.

Besides meeting basic qualifications, enrolling in a course from an accredited instructor gives you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of project management from someone who’s worked in the field already.

Learn sustainability through a project management course

Gaining project management skills and certifications can help you expand your career options, drive change management and enable sustainability initiatives within your organisation. 72 per cent of project management leaders say advanced training maximises skills and overall leadership ability.

A push for sustainability when you learn the principles of project management - Learn Project Management

Lumify Work (formerly DDLS) is the largest provider of corporate IT and process training in APAC with a campus in Metro Manila in the Philippines and in New Zealand and Australia. We have been delivering Project Management training courses since 1999, for both the IT industry and top 100 ASX corporations.

We offer a wide range of project management short courses that are built around competencies from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) and are endorsed by industry bodies such as Axelos, the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM®).

Our course instructors are experienced Project Managers themselves, equipped with extensive real-world experience.

Our highly interactive training and workshops will give you a solid foundation in the concepts, tools and techniques of Project Management. And with Lumify Anywhere, students can choose to undertake these studies onsite or online – allowing flexible delivery to suit their personal needs and schedule.

Our courses are built to support your journey to certification and you can claim industry body points upon completion.

Access our guide to project management frameworks to learn about which one can support you as a leader in sustainability. You can also enquire with us on a project management course today.

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