For many professionals, once one has secured a job the focus shifts from education to learning on the job, gaining work experience and moving between opportunities.

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But professional development and leadership training with Lumify Work offers benefits beyond learning on the job. It also supports the growth of both the staff and the company.

The benefits of professional development training

Booking and sitting professional development courses see you stepping outside your day-to-day activities to achieve industry credentials and gain new perspectives on your organisation's goals. We share insights on the benefits of professional development training.

  1. Growing your professional network
    Customers often share how the Lumify learning community has impacted them personally and professionally. Professional development training allows you to meet other professionals from the private and public sectors and in different industries. From this pool, you can find mentors who can share their wisdom with you and contacts who can refer you to new opportunities.

  2. Building your CV
    On top of your technical skills, you can gain new skills and certifications with professional development training. These skills and credentials build your brand for recruitment. Your credentials can support your organisation's bid for accreditations if you are currently employed. Moreover, booking and sitting courses demonstrate your hunger for learning, teachability and commitment to a career path.

  3. Expanding your knowledge of emerging trends
    Professional development helps you learn more about your industry in terms of what is happening in different regions and current trends and requirements. Training also supports you if you need the relevant educational background for a specific job or if the role is emerging and is yet to be taught in degree courses.

  4. Improving confidence and validating your experiences
    The effect of training on employees' levels of motivation and engagement is no longer a matter of debate. People who learn by observing tasks and being involved in projects can gain more confidence with training. They can get validation through training and certification, leading to more confidence and fulfilment at work.

  5. Opening up to diverse opportunities
    For those who feel stuck, professional development training opens up opportunities. Certifications allow you to forge alternative career paths, branch out or prepare for new roles within or outside your organisation. Your expanded network of students and mentors can also point you to job openings, grants or fellowship programs.

  6. Contextualising personal and company goals
    Professional development and leadership training teach you people skills and critical thinking skills. During training, you can expect to discuss your goals, listen and respond to others' questions and suggestions and then identify your milestones and next steps. You can compare and learn from similar projects and ground your assessments too.

Up one notch with courses for professional development

Professional development courses help you learn and practice soft skills for managing relationships with people – your team, clients, partners, or vendors.

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Training and workshops offer practical skills and tools in communication, consulting, leadership, productivity, sales, and vendor management.

Programs can be designed around your specific needs. Whatever course you choose, you will see instant results in your business. Featured partners include ENS and PD Training, as well as courses developed in-house by Lumify Work.

In-demand professional development courses from Lumify Work include:

Demystifying Vendor Management
This course is ideal for the Information Technology (IT) Professional who needs to achieve the best value from vendor and partner relationships.

Managing the Virtual Workplace
This course teaches managers and team leaders how to prepare employees for the virtual workplace, create telework programs, build virtual teams, leverage technology, and overcome cultural barriers.

Business Writing for the Digital Era
Learn how to create business documents in the modern workplace, which considers media like email and SMS, and how to best align your message with the appropriate documentation and device.

Coaching and Mentoring
This course teaches one how to properly implement essential personal and professional goal-setting techniques, develop career options, overcome personal obstacles, build trust and give critical feedback.

Flexible, short courses for professional development

Flexible or short-term study options support your career growth despite your hectic schedule. You can attain certifications that validate your skills and experiences. And you can meet continuing professional development requirements that introduce you to new skills.

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Lumify Work Philippines (formerly DDLS Philippines) is part of Australasia’s leading provider of corporate IT and professional development training with partnerships from the world's top technology vendors.

Lumify Work offers flexible learning solutions with Lumify Anywhere. We aim to make it easy for you and your teams to access the best learning solutions.

When you opt for in-person and classroom arrangements, you can visit one of our ten fully equipped training campuses (with 60 classrooms). Find our campuses in key business centres around Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. If time or distance prevents you from coming to us, we can train your team on your premises or deliver state-of-the-art remote instructor-led training. Full HD video and audio create a virtual classroom experience and access to our expert instructors.

Wherever you do business in the Philippines and South East Asia, Lumify is local to you.

Delivery modalities provided by Lumify Anywhere include:

  • Traditional classroom delivery (Instructor-Led Training or ILT)

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

  • Hybrid VILT delivery

  • Online/Self-paced learning

  • Seminars

  • Webinars

  • Blended learning

Enquire with us about Professional Development courses today.

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