Remote and hybrid work arrangements have definitely impacted how people collaborate over the last three years. Status reporting and file sharing over task tracking tools like, Wrike, Basecamp and Microsoft Teams have expanded. And feedback sharing over Slack and Discord has become the norm.

Why and how to get into project management Key skills and courses you can review - Gantt

But even before these, the need to learn project management was evident, regardless of whether one holds an official PM job title.

Why Learn Project Management?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) released a report in 2017 called the "Job Growth and Talent Gap Report." It is estimated that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027. Given the challenges of the global pandemic and subsequent events, this number is likely to be higher now.

In addition to this, having project management skills and certifications can help you implement and sustain your organisation's performance through your chosen management system. This system or framework could be something like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), the Scaling Up Performance Platform or ISO 9000 Family Quality Management that requires you to establish goals, break them down into milestones, fine-tune your operations and manage the risks.

Global engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon observed a significant shortage of project management professionals in cities in Australia and New Zealand where social and economic infrastructure markets are rising rapidly. Places like Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland in particular are seeing this gap.

Why and how to get into project management Key skills and courses you can review - Build

In the Philippines, meanwhile, project managers are in high demand as the ‘Build, build, build’ mandate continues and as more businesses of varying sizes and industries push for digital transformation.

So, whether you are a real estate developer, financial advisor, or graphic designer strengthening your project management skills and validating them with certifications can help you to become a better leader and achieve your career goals.

What Specific Skills Should Project Managers Possess?

Individuals need to have excellent communication skills — both verbal and written — and be able to effectively delegate tasks to others. They need to be strong leaders who understand team dynamics and who can bring people with different working styles together. It is also important for project managers to be ‘long-term thinkers’ who can see the big picture, as well as handling smaller tasks step-by-step until project completion.

What are the Best Courses for Project Management?

There are a wide variety of project management study options available that range from beginner level to advanced. Here are some of the courses that are most often recommended for students looking to establish project management careers:

  • Agile PM - Based on Agile frameworks, which take an iterative approach to project management through continual feedback.

  • Change Management - Focuses on training project managers to effectively guide change within an organisation to ensure successful outcomes.

  • Management of Portfolios - Based on a set of principles and strategies to ensure teams meet their project objectives, shorten the project life cycle, and generate a positive ROI.

  • Managing Successful Programmes - Project management training opportunities built around establishing a set of programme best practices and efficiently delivering benefits, while maintaining strong communication with key stakeholders.

  • PMBOK - Short for the Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMBOK covers project management theory, principles, and techniques, and methods, preparing students for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam.

  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices - Known as P3O, these courses encompass both project management strategy and delivery methodology to support organisational objectives.

  • PRINCE2® - Short for Projects IN Controlled Environments, this covers a process-based methodology for gaining the skills and knowledge to become an effective project manager.

  • Project Planning & Control - Referred to as PPC, these courses focus on best practices for project planning to help organisations meet their desired standards.

What Qualifications Do You Need for Project Management?

Completing coursework in project management will provide you with a wealth of real-world skills and knowledge, along with the tools needed to apply your training to a variety of different industry contexts.

Why and how to get into project management Key skills and courses you can review - Qualifications

You will need to have a project management certification in one of the courses outlined above to find work in the field. Also, consider registering for national accreditation at the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) — the largest and most widely recognised professional project management institute in Australia. There are also the Project Management Institute Chapters in the Philippines and in New Zealand.

Equip Yourself with Project Management Skills

Gaining project management skills and certifications can help you achieve your career goals through expertise in goal setting, leadership and risk management – regardless of your industry or job title.

Why and how to get into project management Key skills and courses you can review - Training

Lumify Work (formerly known as DDLS) is the largest provider of corporate IT and process training in Australia with campuses across New Zealand and in the Philippines. We offer a wide range of project management courses, including those covering essential skills and methodologies like PRINCE2 and change management. Lumify is partnered with accreditation bodies like the AIPM, APMG International, PMI and PeopleCert. Stand out in the job market with valuable skills in project management.

Students can train themselves in the knowledge required to boost operational efficiency and business success, in whichever role and field they pursue. With Lumify Anywhere, students can also choose to undertake these studies online – allowing flexible delivery to suit their personal needs and schedule.

You can access our guide to project management frameworks to learn about which one can work well in your organisation. You can also enquire with us on a project management course today.

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