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Microsoft MS-102T00 - Microsoft 365 Administrator

  • Length 5 days
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Why study this course

This course covers the following key elements of Microsoft 365 administration: Microsoft 365 tenant management, Microsoft 365 identity synchronisation, and Microsoft 365 security and compliance.

In Microsoft 365 tenant management, you learn how to configure your Microsoft 365 tenant, including your organisational profile, tenant subscription options, component services, user accounts and licences, security groups, and administrative roles. You then transition to configuring Microsoft 365, with a primary focus on configuring Office client connectivity. Finally, you explore how to manage user-driven client installations of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise deployments.

The course then transitions to an in-depth examination of Microsoft 365 identity synchronisation, with a focus on Microsoft Entra Connect and Connect Cloud Sync. You learn how to plan for and implement each of these directory synchronisation options, how to manage synchronised identities, and how to implement password management in Microsoft 365 using multifactor authentication and self-service password management.

In Microsoft 365 security management, you begin examining the common types of threat vectors and data breaches facing organisations today. You then learn how Microsoft 365’s security solutions address each of these threats. You are introduced to the Microsoft Secure Score, as well as to Microsoft Entra ID Protection. You then learn how to manage the Microsoft 365 security services, including Exchange Online Protection, Safe Attachments, and Safe Links. Finally, you are introduced to the various reports that monitor an organisation’s security health. You then transition from security services to threat intelligence; specifically, using Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Once you have this understanding of Microsoft 365’s security suite, you then examine the key components of Microsoft 365 compliance management. This begins with an overview of all key aspects of data governance, including data archiving and retention, Microsoft Purview message encryption, and data loss prevention (DLP). You then delve deeper into archiving and retention, paying particular attention to Microsoft Purview insider risk management, information barriers, and DLP policies. You then examine how to implement these compliance features by using data classification and sensitivity labels.

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What you’ll learn

By actively participating in this course, students will learn about the following:

  • Deploy and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant

  • Implement and manage identity and access in Microsoft Entra ID

  • Manage security and threats by using Microsoft 365 Defender

  • Manage compliance by using Microsoft Purview

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for persons aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Administrator role and have completed at least one of the Microsoft 365 role-based administrator certification paths.

Course subjects

Configure your Microsoft 365 tenant

  • Configure your Microsoft 365 experience

  • Manage users, licences, and mail contacts in Microsoft 365

  • Manage groups in Microsoft 365

  • Add a custom domain in Microsoft 365

  • Configure client connectivity to Microsoft 365

Manage your Microsoft 365 tenant

  • Configure administrative roles in Microsoft 365

  • Manage tenant health and services in Microsoft 365

  • Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

  • Analyse your Microsoft 365 workplace data using Microsoft Viva Insights

Implement identity synchronization

  • Explore identity synchronisation

  • Prepare for identity synchronisation to Microsoft 365

  • Implement directory synchronisation tools

  • Manage synchronised identities

  • Manage secure user access in Microsoft 365

Manage identity and access in Microsoft 365

  • Examine threat vectors and data breaches

  • Explore the Zero Trust security model

  • Manage secure user access in Microsoft 365

  • Explore security solutions in Microsoft 365 Defender XDR

  • Examine Microsoft Secure Score

  • Examine Privileged Identity Management in Microsoft Entra ID

  • Examine Microsoft Entra ID Protection

Manage your security services in Microsoft Defender XDR

  • Examine email protection in Microsoft 365

  • Enhance your email protection using Microsoft Defender for Office 365

  • Manage Safe Attachments

  • Manage Safe Links

Implement threat protection by using Microsoft Defender XDR

  • Explore threat intelligence in Microsoft 365 Defender XDR

  • Implement app protection by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

  • Implement endpoint protection by using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

  • Implement threat protection by using Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Explore data governance in Microsoft 365

  • Examine data governance solutions in Microsoft Purview

  • Explore archiving and records management in Microsoft 365

  • Explore retention in Microsoft 365

  • Explore Microsoft Purview Message Encryption

Implement compliance in Microsoft 365

  • Explore compliance in Microsoft 365

  • Implement Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management

  • Implement Microsoft Purview Information Barriers

  • Explore Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

  • Implement Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

Manage compliance in Microsoft 365

  • Implement data classification of sensitive information

  • Explore sensitivity labels

  • Implement sensitivity labels


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Completed a role-based administrator course such as Messaging, Teamwork, Security and Compliance, or Collaboration

  • A proficient understanding of DNS and basic functional experience with Microsoft 365 services

  • A proficient understanding of general IT practices

  • A working knowledge of PowerShell.

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