In business, knowledge of change management comes in handy when implementing new technology, restructuring your organisation, and in the case of Auldhouse, rebranding to Lumify.

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In project management, change management is required for cases when your timelines, requirements or project teams change.

While many have a basic idea of change management - the ability to address significant shifts - many need guidance on how exactly to implement this and the training and certification they can explore to equip them.

How to implement change management

What is change management? Defining it further gives us insight into how to implement it. Change management is systematically transitioning or transforming your broader goals, processes, or technologies. Its purpose is to implement strategies for effecting change, controlling change and helping your team, partners, and stakeholders to adapt to change.

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When it comes to implementing change, Indeed outlines steps you can take. These steps provide the broad strokes of what you need to consider.

  1. Define the change.
    Here, you identify the change and ensure it aligns with the organisation's overall objectives. From there, you can perform an impact assessment to get an initial idea of how the change will affect all levels and departments of your organisation - and even your community.

  2. Develop a plan.
    Create a plan for rolling out the change. The plan can include how to achieve the necessary changes and how to measure success, and who can help you implement the change, that is, your change management team, champions and sponsors.

  3. Begin communications about the change.
    This step involves initial discussions with your leadership team, employees, stakeholders and lastly partners. Develop a communications strategy that outlines your schedule and timelines for communicating with different groups , your reasons for the change - highlighting how it will benefit each group and how the change will impact each group and your initial plans to address this.

    This phase is all about conversations and provides excellent opportunities to collaborate and gather feedback on how to flesh out or improve your change management plan.

  4. Implement the change in stages.
    Effective change happens in stages. This ensures that employees, customers, stakeholders and partners can handle the situation. You can create timelines for what you need to accomplish first - your mission-critical items within the next 1-3 months. And then, make a bullet-point list of the issues you need to focus on after; this list will form your strategy for the subsequent months.

  5. Monitor the change.
    Set up a cadence of regular updates and status reports on tasks and the process. Monitoring ensures that staff follow proper implementation procedures and that deliverables are met. Additionally, this step involves collecting and analysing data for metrics like turnaround times or conversion rates. You can also quantify gaps, listen to people, and better understand resistance.

  6. Adjust your plans.
    With updates on the status of tasks, data on performance vs success metrics, and feedback from the team and other stakeholders, you have insights on what to do better for the next phase or iteration.

Gain confidence with change management training and certification

With a general idea of implementing change, you can reflect on major organisational shifts. From there, you can look at the different change management training and certifications you can take to prepare you.

Why and how to get into project management Key skills and courses you can review - Training

Lumify Work partners with PeopleCert and APMG International to deliver change management training for leaders and employees. The courses provide frameworks, concepts and workshops that equip you with the skills and knowledge to manage change confidently.

On top of that, the courses align to change management certifications at the foundation and practitioner levels. To gain certification, students must prepare for and pass their exams.

A change management certification provides benefits like improved professional development and career prospects. It also demonstrates a commitment to learning. To the organisation, having a certified change manager in the team ensures that the actions taken for implementing change management follow best practices and global standards.

APMG Change Management
Change comes about in various forms within organisations due to many factors including projects, team restructuring, business analysis identifying different ways of working, company mergers, and outsourcing. No matter how big or small, they must be facilitated with Change Management to ensure a successful result.
View our Change Management Foundation course or Practitioner course or the Combined course which covers both.

PeopleCert Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®)
Learn about a standard, consistent approach to programme management. It provides a framework for executives, senior management and those leading big programmes of work to direct the change process better whilst ensuring that the focus is maintained on business objectives and resulting benefits.
The MSP Foundation + Practitioner Combined course makes gaining an MSP certification easier.

Turn change into opportunity with Lumify

Lumify Work is an Accredited Training Organisation for PeopleCert courses and certifications, including MSP. We are also an Accredited Training Organisation for APMG International courses and certifications including Change Management.

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PeopleCert is one of the leading players in the global certification industry, partnering with multi-national organisations and government bodies to develop and manage globally recognised certification schemes. PeopleCert has delivered millions of exams in over 150 countries.

APMG International is an award-winning Examination Institute. APMG accredits professional training and consulting organisations and manages certification schemes for knowledge-based workers. APMG has a global reach, with regional offices located around the world.

Our Change Management Instructors have Expert Level Certifications, real-world involvement and consultancy experience. We help you prepare for your change management certification exams and implement the methodology successfully within your organisation.

Lumify Work is a leading provider of corporate IT training. Visit one of our ten fully equipped training campuses with 90 classrooms in key business centres around Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Full HD video and audio create a virtual classroom experience and access to our pool of expert trainers.

Lumify New Zealand has campuses in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

Additionally, through the Lumify Anywhere platform, students can complete their training from the comfort of their own homes, from one of our campuses – or wherever suits them best.

Please find out more about Change and Program Management training when you contact our team.

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