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Microsoft 365 - Intermediate

  • Length 1 day
  • Price  NZD 460 exc GST
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Why study this course

Improve team collaboration and productivity with Microsoft 365! The Microsoft 365 suite of applications is designed for end users and to integrate with each other seamlessly.

  • All your important Microsoft apps, constantly updated

  • Store all your files securely in the cloud

  • Engage, inform, and collaborate within and outside your organisation

  • Dedicated project workspaces connecting all your apps

  • Automate workflows and time-consuming processes

This course focuses on managing Teams and using key apps including Forms, Flow, Sway, and SharePoint online. Team collaboration, integrating apps, online forms, automated flows - there's a lot of useful functionality available at your fingertips. Learning how to take advantage of the suite of integrated M365 apps will improve productivity and create efficiencies through automation and improved collaboration.

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What you’ll learn

At the completion of this course you should be comfortable with:

  • Managing Microsoft Teams

  • Using apps with Teams

  • Creating basic approvals in Teams

  • Creating and using Forms to collect data

  • Adding Forms to Teams

  • Using and sharing Flows

  • Creating interactive reports with Sway

  • Understanding the SharePoint structure

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Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at those familiar with Microsoft 365 but looking to build on their knowledge and make use of additional apps such as Forms and Sway.

This course, along with the Beginner course, is also appropriate for training post-Microsoft 365 implementation.

Course subjects


  • What is Microsoft 365?

  • Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

  • Microsoft 365 in the workplace

Managing a Team

  • Re-Introduction to Microsoft Teams

  • Create a new Team

  • Manage a team

  • Managing Team Members

  • Pending requests to join a team

  • Types of Team Members

  • Team Owners

  • Team Members

  • Guests in Teams

  • Limitations for Guests

  • Restricting Guests via Administration

  • Settings for a Team

  • Team Picture

  • Uploading a Team Picture

  • Member permissions

  • Default permissions

  • Guest permissions

  • @mention settings

  • Turn off @mentions

  • Fun stuff

  • Emojis

  • Stickers

  • Animated GIFs

  • How a Team code works

  • Reset a code

  • Remove a code

  • Using a Team Code

  • Archive your Team

  • Read only archived Team

  • Restore an archived Team

Working with Teams

  • Get a link to a Team

  • Launch Teams app or browser

  • Get a link to a channel

  • Links for non-Team members

  • Email to the channel

  • Send a message via Email

  • Reply within Teams to a message generated via Email

  • Remove a channel's Email address

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Status in Teams

  • Modify your Status

  • Reset the Status

  • Personal settings

  • Priority people when Do Not Disturb is set

Teams Apps

  • Apps in Microsoft Teams

  • Tab Apps

  • Personal, Chat, and Channel Tab Apps

  • View a personal Tab

  • Wiki untangled

  • Wiki in a channel

  • Personal Wiki

  • Wiki elsewhere in M365

  • Bot Apps

  • Bot App as a Personal App

  • Access the Who Bot

  • Bot App as a Chat

  • Access Who from a Chat

  • Bot App in a Team Channel

  • Using the MS Forms Channel Bot

  • Creating a quick poll with the Forms Bot

  • Connector Apps

  • Adding a Connector App

  • Connecting to a third party app

  • Actions in Connectors

  • Modifying a Connector

  • Specifying different conditions for the Connector

  • Remove a Connector

  • Messaging Apps

  • Adding a Messaging App

  • Removing an App from a Team

  • Collaborating with the Wiki App

  • Using @mentions in Wiki

  • View Conversation and Activity of the @mention

  • Collaborating with Files

  • Conversation on a File

  • Collaborating with Office documents

  • Comments in an Office Doc

  • Conversations in an Office Doc

  • Chat in an Office Doc


  • Introduction to Forms

  • The Forms landing page

  • Create a Form

  • The Office and Forms portals

  • Create a Form in Teams

  • Edit a Form in Teams

  • Create a title, add an image, and change the Theme of the Form in Teams

  • Adding Questions to the Form

  • Question types

  • Toggle mandatory questions

  • Edit a Form on the web

  • Change the order of questions

  • Form settings

  • Open the Form to all users

  • Set an end date on the Form

  • Add a Thank You message to the Form

  • Share the Form

  • Web Links, QR codes, and other sharing options

  • Verify the Form is accessible to all users

  • Access the Form in Teams

  • Rename the Forms tab

  • Form Results tab

  • Extended Exercise: Quiz Form

  • Create a Quiz in Forms

  • Add quiz questions

  • Allocate scores to the questions

  • Move or Delete a Form

  • The Forms Recycle Bin

  • Form Branching

  • Forms in other Microsoft 365 applications

Approval Flows

  • Introduction to Flow Approvals

  • Approval Templates

  • Create an Approval Flow Manually

  • Test and Run the Approval Flow from Flow

  • Add a conditional action after approval

  • Flow integration with Teams

Sharing Flows

  • Introduction to sharing of Flows

  • Allow other users to run

  • The Dynamics 365 interface

  • Allow other users to run with your credentials

  • Sharing a Flow with other Owners

Administration of Flows

  • Copy (save as) a Flow

  • Enable and Disable Flows

  • Export a Flow to file

  • Configuring Connections

  • Delete a Flow

  • Optional Integration Project Exercise

    • The Business Scenario

    • Create the Form

    • Add the Form to Teams

    • Create the Planner

    • Design the Flow

    • Test the Flow

    • Create the Flow

    • Housekeeping: Delete the Form and Flow

    • The Flow design


  • Introduction to Sway

  • Accessing Sway

  • Sway Examples

  • Sway from a topic

  • View a Sway

  • Sway from an existing document

  • Sway from a template

  • Create a Sway from Blank

  • Adding formatting and images to the title

  • Adding heading cards to Sway

  • Navigating and Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Add other cards to the Sway

  • Embed content in Sway

  • Groups of cards

  • Group types

  • Design view

  • Sharing the Sway

  • Deleting a Sway

Extended Topic: Power BI in Power Platform

  • Introduction to Power Platform

  • What is Power BI?

  • Data Visualisation

  • Objectives of Power BI

  • How to access Power BI

  • View My Workspace

  • Where is the Sample data

  • Get data from samples

  • Navigating dashboards and reports

  • Experience cross-filtering

  • Housekeeping workspaces

  • Try Q&A

  • Edit a report

  • Create new visuals in the report

Wrap up and Housekeeping

  • About Microsoft 365 again

  • Honourable mentions

  • Housekeeping of Team


You should have completed the Microsoft 365 - Beginner course or be familiar with the content covered.

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