In the second run of our annual survey, we found that 4 in 5 or 80% of learners within the organisations we support rate cybersecurity awareness as very or extremely important to have. This same sentiment is shared by our team of experts who take great care in delivering the most up-to-date cyber security training courses.

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And in November 2021, we were honoured that one of our technical instructors, Louis Cremen received the EC-Council "Instructor of the Year” Award for Oceanic. Lumify Work Australia also took out the 2021 EC-Council ATC Circle of Excellence Award for Oceanic. You can learn more about thge EC-Council Global Awards here.

The EC-Council Awards for cyber security training

The 2021 Instructor Circle of Excellence Award is one of the most prestigious awards within the EC-Council and the cybersecurity community. The recipient is selected based on:

  • Student ratings and feedback via evaluations

  • Participation in supporting student initiatives, clubs, and events

  • Ability to take on new certifications

  • Supporting faculty training initiatives

  • Attendance at EC-Council events and webinars

  • Incorporating new programs and new technologies

According to Louis:

For me, I always strive to bring the best experience for the student so they can be inspired to delve deeper in the field of offensive security. Winning Instructor of the Year based on their feedback is really heartening and a testament to the passion the students bring to the class.

Winning hearts, minds and awards for cybersecurity training - technical instructor stories - Louis EC-Council

Louis is one of the Cybersecurity Instructors for Lumify Work and works closely with stakeholders to implement the strategic growth and direction of the Cybersecurity category of training and education programs within Lumify Work.

He is involved in the Cyber upskilling training and education of cybersecurity professionals using certifications from vendors such as (ISC)², ISACA, EC-Council, and CompTIA for clients including ASX 100 companies, Federal and State Government, Defence, Local law enforcement, and SMEs.

He’s the lead trainer for CISSP, CISM, CEH, Security+ and CSSLP, guiding students so they can gain certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker credential. He has worked with local and international government agencies and businesses as a security professional and as a software engineer helping bring award winning products to market, and securing the software development life cycle.

When asked about the EC-Council Award, Lumify Work Cybersecurity Lead Jeremy Daly had this to say:

This is a terrific achievement and very deserving for Louis as I know firsthand the work that he has put into his EC-Council certifications and the amazing job he does of preparing and delivering the CEH to give our students the best experience. He also achieved his Master CEH rating a few months ago which is no easy feat.

The need to close the cybersecurity skills gap

53% of respondents from our survey stated that becoming certified in the area of cybersecurity is very or extremely important - a slight increase in responses from 2021 (50%).

Winning hearts, minds and awards for cybersecurity training - technical instructor stories - The need to close the cybersecurity skills gap

The results were quite similar in New Zealand, with 70% of respondents agreeing cybersecurity awareness was very or extremely important, and 46% reporting cybersecurity certification was very or extremely important.

In the Philippines, a strategy for securing the country's cyberspace was drafted and launched in 2016. Known as the first National CyberSecurity Plan of 2022, efforts to implement this ramped up during the pandemic. This is due to how developments in technology and widespread digitalisation opened up new areas where malicious activities can occur.

The survey results and the actions of different organisations demonstrate that cybersecurity awareness and skills continue to be highly valued. The demand for generic and specific cybersecurity skills is likely to continue growing, as the rate of cyber attacks continues to rise, and Australia's shortfall of cybersecurity workers is projected to reach critical levels by 2025.

Empowering people with cyber security training

Beyond the sphere of IT professionals, we've all come to learn that cyber security is a concern of public and private organisations. And individuals who want to secure their personal, household and project data as they work from home and do more of their transactions online.

5 steps to boosting cybersecurity awareness among employees circulate updates

There is also a growing appreciation for how - more than setting up systems and applications - equipping people with cybersecurity training is critical to protecting networks, computers and information.

By fostering a healthy cybersecurity culture, people can feel part of the solution – encouraging them to adopt and maintain standards of data access and protection. It also helps to have open communication about the latest protocols and breaches.

For Louis, this collaborative approach is key to designing and facilitating effective cyber security courses.

Training has to be fun and engaging. Slides can also be educational, but a student will not learn if it’s not relatable and absorbable. The Lumify Work team brings a world-class level of experience, knowledge, and engagement ensuring the students maximise their time and get the most out of the class getting them ready for certification.

Stay up to date with trends in IT and Cybersecurity

You can also get information on the cybersecurity training that we deliver in partnership with the EC-Council such as our 2022 Certified Cloud Security Engineer course. Contact our team to enquire about cybersecurity courses.

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