Cloud computing has become a mainstay in businesses, with benefits ranging from greater efficiency and customer service to a sharper competitive advantage in the rapid world of tech. Learn why cloud computing is important and how training in this area drives innovation.

On a larger scale, the adoption of cloud software has granted our economy a cumulative productivity benefit of $9.4 billion in the last half decade; with approximately 42% of businesses now using a paid cloud service.

While the industry continues to soar, insufficient knowledge of the software continues to be its largest barrier to adoption.

Those looking to innovate their current business processes through the cloud can enjoy the many ways it promotes growth and agility – which we explore below.

Greater team productivity

5 ways cloud computing boosts business growth productivity

A primary advantage of businesses on the cloud is their significantly higher levels of worker productivity. Having all your services, tools, and information accessible on a cloud-based platform enables you to work on the move, collaborate with others, and contribute to projects wherever you may be.

Implementing the use of cloud services thus allows for efficient remote work arrangements; granting all team members access to the same tools and data regardless of device or location. Platforms such as Microsoft OneDrive enable this, keeping operations as smooth and agile as possible.

Most cloud technologies also provide the automation of specific tasks – such as routine admin work, project management, or e-mail marketing. Workers further benefit from the lightning-speed performance of these services, with most cloud companies implementing enterprise-grade SSD drives, servers, and CPUs. This effectively reduces downtime, leading to long-term financial savings in productivity.

Additionally, cloud computing has been found to reduce the time required to successfully execute new applications; with most available for immediate use after sign-up. Businesses can thus enjoy the benefits of new tools such as AI or machine learning upon adoption of such platforms.

Enhanced data security

5 ways cloud computing boosts business growth data

When working with a trusted cloud provider, you can ensure your data is in safe hands.

Experts argue that shifting your data to the cloud can offer greater security than simply storing these files on your own company servers. Since most (reputable) cloud services incorporate leading, high-end security expertise and systems in their technology, you can rest assured your information is protected.

These providers are generally required by law to comply with strict security regulations; ensuring only quality firewall, intrusion prevention, and virus protection technologies are set in place. Such measures are kept up-to-date to keep pace with the latest threats and hacking strategies. Plenty of cloud services also offer extensive VPN options for stronger data protection.

Storing your data on the cloud can also further protect it from natural disasters, damage, or theft on your business premises. Most services additionally have cloud-based recovery models or procedures in place (typically maintaining duplicates of your information) to restore any stolen, breached, or corrupted data.

With greater data security, business operations can continue with ease and efficiency, helping you maintain stable growth and expansion.

Outsourced IT support and updates

5 ways cloud computing boosts business growth it support

By working with a cloud provider, both business owners and their IT teams can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing technological support and updates.

Since most cloud-based services are SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies, all cloud-based applications and tools provided are typically updated on an automated basis. Both you, your workers (and specifically – your IT department) can optimise your use of the latest, greatest cloud software; without having to worry about manual maintenance or input from your in-house experts.

As mentioned, this also extends to cybersecurity measures – with trusted cloud companies ensuring the strongest protective measures and regular security updates to keep threats and vulnerabilities at a minimum.

With the burden of assessing risks and maintaining infrastructure placed in the hands of outsourced experts, your business can also benefit from less downtime and greater room to focus on other key tasks and projects. Workers can concentrate on methods of growth or expansion, rather than being held back by maintenance tasks.

Additionally, the company gets to save on the costs of hiring an in-house support team and the extra hardware or software associated with updating your cloud technology.

Saved costs

5 ways cloud computing boosts business growth costs

As iterated above, implementing cloud technologies can also benefit your overall business budget.

By virtualising your data storage and relying on cloud-based software, you can effectively eliminate the extra expenses of maintaining or updating physical storage and networking equipment. All one needs to make use of the cloud is their own device and a stable internet connection.

Business owners can also enjoy the flexible, scalable options offered by most cloud providers. This helps you avoid overspending on storage resources that may end up underused in the long-term – often the case when investing in physical hard drives or data centres.

Adopting cloud-based solutions allows businesses to start as small or as large as they’d like, with options to “scale up” or down as required. This also removes the tedious waiting times of new equipment orders; one can simply place the request for additional online storage space, and providers can do so in a matter of hours – or sometimes, immediately. (Amazon Web Services, for example, scale your resources automatically depending on your needs.)

Additionally, companies can make use of the multiple free cloud-based tools available, such as Google Docs and Google Sheets.

These financial savings allow you to invest in other key business upgrades, solutions, or projects down the line.

Gain competitive advantage

Finally, investing in cloud computing can your business the competitive edge it needs in today’s ever-evolving IT landscape. In fact, according to survey results by the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 74% of businesses attribute their competitive advantage to such services.

Cloud technology can effectively help you expand your market and talent reach; with the ability to source skilled workers and expertise across the globe. The virtualised solutions of such platforms can reduce the drastic investment costs of setting up branches or operations in new locations.

Additionally, the greater opportunity for remote work also allows for easier expansion, reducing the downtime associated with long travels or commutes.

The fast-paced world of tech requires its companies to keep up-to-date on the latest developments and disruptions; and cloud computing can offer the improved speed and agility necessary to reach new markets, develop new products, bring products to market, and respond to consumer demands.

By optimising what the cloud has to offer, businesses can not only keep pace with the latest solutions in automation, security, and virtualisation; they can also equip themselves with the trusted tools for faster growth and greater productivity.

Upskill in cloud computing today!

Don’t let your business lag behind. Investing in the cloud allows you to reap the benefits of faster, more expansive and more efficient business operations.

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