Sydney, 10 September 2015 –  Training provider DDLS has today announced that it will relocate its Sydney training centre in 2016.

The DDLS Sydney centre has operated from 301 George Street, Sydney for over 20 years, in that time many thousands of IT professionals have attended training and achieved certification. This building is a part of the redevelopment of Wynyard Station.

The new DDLS Sydney training centre is located at the southern end of the CBD and is conveniently situated near a wide range of public transport hubs including Central Station, Sydney’s light rail, Eddy Avenue and Railway Square bus interchanges, offering easy access for students.

The relocation project is now advancing to the build stage of its project and a comprehensive refurbishment will follow to ensure the DDLS clients have access to a modern and relaxed environment to encourage learning and interaction. 

The relocation will provide a platform for connecting people through spaces that push ideas, utilising leading technology and maintaining a friendly and flexible environment with modern classrooms, new testing facilities and spaces to accommodate interactions and the exchange of knowledge.

In an age where changes in the workplace are being driven by new ways of working, new technologies and new processes, it is important for DDLS to lead the way from a training delivery perspective, supporting clients and students through these changes with industry leading subject matter expertise and contemporary training facilities. DDLS creates learning programmes that are designed to meet the needs of the modern workforce.

In addition to modern classrooms, DDLS is embracing new ways to deliver learning. The new training centre will include NBN ready classrooms that are optimised for remote training and will provide students with the full benefits of attending an instructor led training course without having to attend in person, opening up opportunities and reducing cost for regional organisations. 

 “Our Sydney centre has served our clients well for the last two decades. In 2016, we will open our new Sydney centre that will accommodate our clients for the decades ahead. Our client surveys show that our clients will require blends of classroom and online training in the future. The new Sydney centre will deliver classroom instructor led training and will be a hub for TelePresence, Online and E-learning training services. ” said Mal Shaw, CEO of DDLS.

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