Sydney, Australia 11 May 2015 – DDLS, Australia’s leading IT Training provider, today announced the nationwide availability of the APMG’s brand new Change Management 2015 Certification; fully endorsed by the Change Management Institute (CMI) and aligned with its new Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK).

The new Change Management 2015 course is about the art of transformation not just about the science of technical change, and builds on the human, organisational and leadership side of programmes, projects and technology.

“Many initiatives in organisations fail not because the initiative was wrong or the technology was challenging, but because no one planned for, led and organised the people side of change. This typically results in organisational objectives and expected Returns on Investment (RoI) being severely compromised because not enough has been done to win the hearts and minds of stakeholders and gain internal acceptance for the change,” said Mal Shaw, CEO of DDLS.

“Often there simply isn’t enough thought given to the skills and competencies needed to drive and achieve successful change, but Change Management is a competency in its own right. Facilitation, stakeholder engagement, benefit management; people often think these capabilities are woven into other core skills, but they aren’t. With the introduction of the new Change Management 2015 certification program, DDLS wants to put the blind spots of these skills and competencies into better focus.”

The course comes in two certification levels: Foundation – a three-day certification focused on the theories of change with practical situation analysis, and Practitioner – a further two-day intensive course focusing on the application of the Change Management theory, including real-life case studies.

The certifications are of value wherever Change Management would be a key area of critical success, whether in large organisations or small to medium sized business environments. Anyone working with a Programme or Project Manager in support of change will benefit from the Foundation certificate, which provides the theory, principles, framework and models of change management. Those responsible for planning, delivering and leading change will benefit from also taking the Practitioner certification. Particularly suitable roles include:

  • Operational Managers, IT Managers, HR Managers

  • Change Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers

  • Trainers and Coaches

  • Risk Managers and PMO Staff

  • Consultants

The course content and exams cover the full spectrum of Change Management from individual change, through to organisational change and the leadership of change. Key areas of growth for participants include:

  • Their ability to identify the impacts that change initiatives can have on individuals and the organisation as a whole and learn how to plan and address them

  • Learning how people react to change and using this knowledge to lead them successfully through business transformation

  • Understanding change models and processes, and how to apply them to the individual and organisation’s specific needs. This will enhance the way colleagues and organisations deal with and embrace change

  • Knowing how to take people through the various phases of transition and lead change effectively with less resistance and more support

  • Better understanding how to plan and react to change so they are better equipped to lead change effectively and with empathy.

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