Today there is more awareness of the benefits of the cloud. It supports innovation and scalability of operations. While many leaner organisations are interested, planning how to set up cloud computing can be daunting.

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With AWS cloud training, the process can be broken down into more doable projects – guided by the Agile project management framework. Teams can also maximise their return on investment and explore grants with advice from partners like Lumify.

Setting up cloud computing for small business

You can find support and programs on AWS for small businesses. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Determine your business needs: Before setting up your AWS account, it is critical to understand your business needs. This will help you decide which AWS services to use and how to configure them. Make a list of what you want to achieve with AWS and what resources you will need. Through Lumify’s Channel Partner Program, we can also refer you to an AWS Partner Network consultant to run a free assessment.

  2. Create an AWS account: If you don't already have an AWS account, you will need to create one. Go to the AWS homepage and click "Create an AWS account." Follow the prompts to set up your account. AWS’s free tier gives you hands-on experience with the platform, products and services. Startups may be eligible for AWS credits through AWS Activate, which provides a host of resources, including free AWS credits to spend on AWS services and AWS Support.

  3. Choose your AWS services: AWS offers a wide range of services, including compute, storage, databases, networking, and security. Choose the services that best meet your business needs.

  4. Configure your services: Configure them to meet your specific requirements once you've chosen them. AWS provides documentation and tutorials to help you set up and configure each service.

  5. Set up billing and cost management: AWS charges you based on your usage of its services. Set up billing and cost management to monitor your usage and avoid unexpected charges.

  6. Secure your resources: Security is a critical aspect of cloud computing. AWS provides several security services to help you secure your resources, including identity and access management, network security, and data protection.

  7. Monitor your resources: AWS provides monitoring tools to help you track the performance of your resources and identify any issues that may arise.

  8. Scale as needed: One of the benefits of cloud computing is the ability to scale up or down as needed. Use AWS's auto-scaling tools to ensure your resources can handle changes in demand.

Overall, setting up AWS cloud computing for a small business requires careful planning and consideration. However, AWS supplies extensive documentation and support through training partners like Lumify.

Support for AWS cloud training for small businesses

SMBs can apply for training grants to cover cloud training costs. The Small Business Technology Investment Boost and Small Business Skills and Training Boost by the Federal Government provides small business grants for employee training to mitigate your expenses.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) announced that small businesses can deduct 20 per cent of the cost incurred on business expenses and depreciating assets supporting their digital adoption. Some examples of costs supporting digital adoption are portable payment devices, cyber security systems or subscriptions to cloud-based services. For the new Small Business Skills and Training Boost, an annual $100,000 cap on expenditure will apply to each qualifying income year.

  • Under existing laws, small businesses can find support for related training and upgrades beyond these.

  • Small businesses can keep deducting expenditures ineligible for the bonus deduction under the existing tax law.

Businesses can also continue to deduct expenditures over the $100,000 cap under existing law. This measure applies to business expenses incurred in the period beginning from 7:30 pm AEDT 29 March 2022 until 30 June 2023.

Setting up AWS Cloud Training with Lumify

Tailored and curated for leaner organisations – our cloud small business training programs are shorter and more flexible. This allows busy professionals to fit them into their schedules.

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AWS Cloud Fundamentals for Small Business - Self-paced
Want to get started with Amazon Web Services (AWS)? This course covers the basics of AWS, including how to create and manage Amazon EC2 instances, S3 buckets, and more. By the end of this, you will understand how AWS works and be able to use it to power your website or application.

AWS CloudUp Bootcamp
We are proud to partner with AWS to bring you this flexible, community-based learning program that provides Amazon Web Services Cloud Foundations training on your terms. Join a supportive and fun community that helps you achieve AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification. June Program kicks off on Tuesday, 20 June 2023. October Program kicks off on Tuesday, 10 October 2023.

Guidance from Agile Project Management training

With an understanding of agile methodologies, SMBs can make the work of properly setting up and maximising their cloud investment more manageable.

Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) Foundation - Self-paced
Learn to deliver workable business solutions in a fraction of the time other traditional project management approaches take.

Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) Practitioner - Self-paced
Gain in-depth knowledge necessary to practice and apply the Agile Project Management methodology.

What is it like to learn AWS for small businesses?

We are committed to helping SMBs turn change into opportunity. Lumify Work (formerly DDLS Training) is an AWS proud Advanced Tier Training Partner. Our partnership allows us to provide our customers with innovative learning and community experiences.

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Bookmark our Events Page for information on upcoming AWS Cloud computing events and tradeshows. We host these events as online webinars, hackathon-style Game Days or in-person sessions.

Lumify’s pool of Authorised AWS Instructors can provide you with a learning path relevant to you and your organisation so that you can leverage the cloud for innovation.

Access our brochure on AWS training to get more details.

Book a consultation to discuss your AWS training requirements for your small business.

Access our eBook on grants for small businesses and training options.

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