ITIL® Guiding Principles for Continual Improvement

ITIL outlines seven guiding principles that can be used to guide your organisation in all circumstances, regardless of changes in its goals, strategies, type of work, or management structure.

The seven ITIL guiding principles are:

  • Focus on value

  • Start where you are

  • Progress iteratively with feedback

  • Collaborate and promote visibility

  • Think and work holistically

  • Keep it simple and practical

  • Optimise and automate

Download the Guiding Principles

The continual improvement model

ITIL Foundation highlights which guiding principles are most relevant for each step of the continual improvement model. However, all principles can be helpful to some extent at every step of an improvement initiative. The following table explains how the ITIL guiding principles can be applied to each improvement step.

The continual improvement model

Download the Guiding Principles

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