The Lumify Work team has committed to raising money for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance through STEPtember in 2023. The campaign encourages participants to make 10,000 steps daily – nothing a little friendly competition can't accomplish!

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We have come together as a team, getting active by raising money and participating in daily activities to increase steps and awareness.

From the 1st of September, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance will be raising money for children with a disability. The much-needed funding is going towards equipment and rehabilitation for development and well-being.

What is STEPtember, and how does it work?

Above all things, STEPtember is a community of more than 124,000 Australians STEPping it up to help improve the quality of life of people with cerebral palsy.

STEPtember is also a fun and inclusive virtual challenge that encourages you to STEP UP - any way you want - from 1-30 September. Register your interest here.

You can take on the challenge your way – with over 40 activities: walking, swimming, riding, dancing or spinning your way to 10,000 steps per day in September. Do it on your morning stroll to get coffee, walk the dog, commute to the office, or during your weekly trip up and down the grocery aisles.

To get started, you can:

  1. Sign up - Smash your personal goals as a solo stepper, or form a team with 3 people (family, friends, or workmates)! Don't forget to come up with a team name. You can find ideas for funny STEPtember team names.

  2. Fundraise - Share about your progress and invite people to donate to STEPtember. The STEPtember team will also share tips and tricks to guarantee a memorable fundraising experience.

  3. Step - Here's where you get to move your way to 10,000 steps per day throughout the month for people living with cerebral palsy. Use the STEPTember pedometer app to track your steps.

Support Cerebral Palsy Alliance while you step

Every 20 hours, an Australian child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Taking on the STEPTember challenge and raising funds help with life-changing research, treatment, services and technologies to help people with cerebral palsy live their best lives.

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance established a Research Foundation in 2005 to secure funding for cerebral palsy research in Australia and internationally.

Current cerebral palsy research priorities include early diagnosis and intervention, epidemiology, technology and regenerative medicine.

Ever since the Foundation was established, the rate of cerebral palsy in Australia has decreased by an inspiring 40%. This, along with other research achievements, has been made possible thanks to the support from our amazing fundraisers and donors.

On the 4th of August, we will have some members of the STEPtember team joining us for Lunch & Learn. They will be talking about STEPtember and the amazing impact organisations like ourselves make to someone’s life! Nic Esposito, one of the amazing STEPtember ambassadors, will join us to talk about his lived experience and answer any questions about him or his disability. The STEPtember team can’t wait to meet you all! – I have hyperlinked video of Nic that you can share with the team.

STEPtember supports various initiatives, helping people with cerebral palsy to live their best lives from:

  • Babies at risk - Detecting babies at risk of cerebral palsy and providing early intervention therapies during their critical early days of development.

  • Essential Research - Early detection and diagnosis of cerebral palsy, regenerative medicine, epidemiology, innovative mobility and communication technologies.

  • Women in STEM - CPA’s research has contributed to a 40% reduction in birth rates of CP. But this needs to continue to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure CP.

  • Assistive Technology - Life-changing technology and devices like eye gaze technology helps people with cerebral palsy to communicate.

  • Youth Programs - Programs that empower teenagers and young adults living with a disability to take on new challenges and live their best life possible.

  • Remarkable - A startup accelerator committed to developing tech startups that amplify human potential and reduce barriers for people with disability.

The Lumify Group ImppACT Team and Corporate Social Responsibility

Lumify believes in making the ICT space more accessible and safer. Every day, we continue this work. This guides how we facilitate training sessions, build communities with our partners, staff and students, and enable people to thrive in tomorrow's digital landscape.

Staying Fit & Tight Knit DDLS Joins the Push Up Challenge, Organised by our CSR IMPPACT Team - CSR

STEPtember is one of the ImppACT team's projects. We've brought together passionate people from across all areas and locations - Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines - to drive our corporate social responsibility (CSR). They make up our ImppACT team.

The team's name stands for "Information, Making a difference, Planet, People, Action, Community, Technology." This reflects the team's vision of being "a group of awesome people, coming together to act and impact people and our planet".

Lumify Group is a BCorp-certified organisation, making the team part of an international network of organisations with the collective vision of transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. The team has established Five Key Areas of Focus: People, Customers, Governance, Environment and Community.

Learn about our ImppACT team, their achievements so far, upcoming projects and how you can get in touch to collaborate with them to create positive change.

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