New Microsoft 365 role-based certification transition exams

Exclusively for candidates who have previously been certified.

Microsoft is evolving to a role-based certification program. Those who have already passed productivity exams 345, 698, and 339 can take advantage of these exclusive transition exams to achieve the newest Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator, Modern Desktop Administrator, and Teams Administrator certifications while available. Take your investment to the next level and gain current, valuable credentials designed to help you get ahead.

Extend your credentials, accelerate your career

candidates who have passed existing productivity exams (1)

Prepare for success

Review the exam page to identify additional skills you might need. Also, check out training offerings like microlearning, online courses, and instructor-led training.

See DDLS’s full range of Microsoft courses to find a course to suit your needs.

To learn more about Microsoft role-based certifications visit:

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