We know there is much value in supporting teams with Microsoft Training and certification, mainly through Learning Partners. But how do we quantify this?

The International Data Corporation (IDC)’s report called "Leveraging Microsoft Learning Partners for Innovation and Impact" found that teams that are trained and certified experience performance experience a boost in productivity for both the organisation and the individual. Certified teams responsible for core Information Technology (IT) activities are 20% more productive vs. uncertified staff. Suppose we are speaking of cloud security key performance indicators (KPIs). In that case, it could mean reducing your time to remediate security issues from 180 days (about six months) to 144 days (about four and a half months), for example.

How to get a Microsoft Certification?

To ensure that your team maximises the productivity benefits of training, you can tap into the expertise of an end-to-end training partner.

Your expertise in building the right IT team with the skills, knowledge and experience of Microsoft Learning Partners makes for a potent combination.

Your business knowledge and ability to assemble the right team are unmatched. Complement this with a Microsoft Learning Partner for upskilling, and your team's impact on the organisation can multiply.

A Microsoft Learning Partner for IT training like Lumify can help you identify the skill gaps, fill them, and keep them up to date.

Microsoft Training & Certification in Action

Bart Beswick works at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In 2021, he earned four certifications with Lumify Work (previously known as DDLS training). The Microsoft training and certifications helped him advance his career and support his team through complex projects.

He cites the practice environment as particularly helpful to him.

“I was an APS4 with database administrator skills, but I could not ‘get over the line’ to promotion.

We had a project to implement multiple Microsoft M365 components, and I was chosen to be one of these M365 administrators. To do this, I did multiple Lumify Work (previously known as DDLS training) courses, some paid for via the Digital Transformation agency upskilling program and some paid for by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

I really enjoyed each of the digital classes, with face-to-face, valuable textbooks and a licensed practice environment.

The very best part of the courses was the provided practice environment. This environment gave me somewhere to go back and review and practice what was learnt in the lessons, and then adapt the lesson to what we had in our real environment and test things that were not yet in our environment. The ability to ‘play’ with the new knowledge in a place where mistakes did not matter was invaluable.

After all this, I had the skills and confidence to do the job, and I was able to show ‘above and beyond’ effort in assessing new products. This gave me an edge in interviews and selection processes, and now I have had two significant promotions to an APS6.

I truly believe Lumify training in that format gave me an edge.”

What to expect with Microsoft Learning Partners?

When you select a Microsoft Learning Partner like Lumify Work (previously known as DDLS), you can reduce most guesswork when planning your training and certification program. What is it like to work with one? You can experience support from start to launch to continuous iteration.

To begin, determine your end goal.
Get the most out of your training investment by identifying the skills your team needs and what your desired end state is.

Identifying your goals and how to achieve them are where a Microsoft Learning Partner's end-to-end services become most impactful. Lumify can help you identify and focus your learning initiative on the specific requirements and impact you need from the program. From there, we can develop a deep understanding of your pain points and motivations. A consultant can guide you to learning solutions you may have yet to consider.
By creating skilling plans, Lumify can help identify knowledge gaps and create a career or role framework for families of jobs. This framework can guide your planning for customised Microsoft certification pathways.

Follow through with learning and development.
As a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner, Lumify is your accountability partner. We know from experience how intimidating it can be to map out training and certification pathways for just one individual. Multiply that for the whole team or department, and you will have a complex project.

The training program must meet both the team's goals and the personal career aspirations of each team member. And this is what a Microsoft Learning Partner like Lumify does best.

We can come in to do some of the heavy lifting -- from coordinating with multiple trainers, ensuring the curriculum is aligned, and monitoring the program's progress.

This end-to-end support creates an experience tailored to your unique business objectives.

Lumify as your Microsoft Learning Partner

A partner like Lumify Work (previously known as DDLS) is your single source of advice on planning and implementing most of your team's needs. Ultimately, being there as you work towards the organisation's and individuals' long-term and big-picture goals.

Lumify is one of the best Microsoft Learning Partners in Australasia. We provide corporate IT and process training and are an exclusive partner of Microsoft, delivering robust training courses to help professionals prepare for certification. It has a pool of Microsoft Certified Trainers.

Lumify has campuses across Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and Perth), with additional campuses across New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington) and in the Philippines in Metro Manila.

Get information on available courses and learning paths when you access our brochure on Microsoft certifications for business.

You and your team can become Microsoft certified under a global IT leader. Please enquire with us about a Microsoft course or certification path.

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