On the 13-14 of February, veteran and aspiring experts gathered at Sydney’s International Convention Centre (ICC) to celebrate the latest developments of the global IT industry. Attendees explored the newest technologies in AI, machine learning, and cloud computing, among others – with discussions hosted by guest speakers and leading field professionals.

DDLS was lucky enough to have the opportunity to exhibit this year with our learning partner, Microsoft.

Event Overview


Offering over 100 sessions and specialised workshops (presented by over 350 industry experts), individuals learned innovative methods of managing and migrating IT infrastructure; developing business and client solutions; and optimising the latest cloud technologies.

Connections were built with Microsoft professionals and local IT leaders, with productive discussions among technical communities – covering shared challenges, interests, and up-and-coming trends.

Theatres and breakout rooms were provided to gather attendees and create networking opportunity. Individuals listened in on real-life business stories from various fields while kicking off both days with a continental breakfast among industry peers.

At the centre of the expo was “The Hub”, a communal area to listen in on sessions, demonstrations, and connect with various experts.

Workshops and presentations were took place on an intermittent schedule throughout, where attendees learned of the latest developer tools straight from Microsoft professionals themselves. Ample coffee breaks (and a light lunch) were set in between, allowing individuals to network with like-minded peers and gather further, hands-on experiences with Microsoft products and services at The Hub.

These breaks were additionally an opportune session to learn about Microsoft’s partners, and how they’re working to innovate and develop the current IT landscape. Attendees were also able to inquire directly with Microsoft engineers on their most pressing technical questions.

A final “social hour” was provided at the end of the expo, where people shared final discussions with industry leaders and community members over complimentary snacks and drinks.

Microsoft’s Learning Paths

Termed as “learning paths”, training opportunities were provided in specialised IT practices and software. These programs are designed to integrate multiple modern technologies into solutions for common customer problems.

Each path is comprised of modules featuring hands-on learning experiences, workshops, expert connections and certifications; building upon any previous training to develop a comprehensive set of practical IT competencies. The programs took place within a 15-45 minute timeframe at scheduled sessions in specific theatres.

Among these learning paths were fundamental business practices, such as achieving compliance requirements and improving system reliability – and more technical areas of expertise, such as AI development and managing productivity in the cloud.

Attendees also learned to build and manage business solutions to through specific Microsoft platforms and software, such as the basics of Microsoft Teams, Azure, and Power Platform.

Future Dates

Microsoft Ignite_Sydney_Microsoft Stand

While updates have yet to be announced for a future 2021 tour, this wildly successfully Microsoft event will continue taking place in large cities across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas; with Shanghai, Prague, and Mexico City up next, to name a few. Tour dates for this year officially end on the 30th of April.

Ignite the Tour welcomes all those with a passion in IT and digital technologies (from newcomers with blooming careers to those with thriving businesses), though eager future attendees are required to join the provided waitlist. Those interested can register through an existing LinkedIn, GitHub, or Microsoft employee or school account.

Don’t miss out – budding experts and veterans alike can broaden their knowledge and professional networks, keeping atop the latest trends, innovations, and leading figures of our progressive IT environment.

The entire expo (and internal sessions provided) is also free to attend and comes with no admission fee, though attendees are required to cover their own travel, transportation, parking, and accommodation costs. Internet access on the premises is provided at no charge.

If you’ve missed out on this year’s Sydney event – not all is lost: all digital presentations from completed dates have been recorded and uploaded on Microsoft’s website for free personal use. Viewers can additionally discuss and provide feedback in the comment or reply threads provided.

Seeking Microsoft Training?

Microsoft Ignite_Sydney_Stand_February 2020

Looking to sharpen your skills or build fundamental knowledge in Microsoft’s products and services? We’re here to help.

DDLS is your best choice for training and certification in any of Microsoft’s leading technologies and services. We’re the largest Microsoft training partner in Australia, offering the widest range of courses. We can advise you on the right courses to choose, and help align training plans to certification outcomes.

Most programs result in getting Microsoft-certified, sharpening your competitive edge in an technical skills for the job market (and our ever-evolving IT landscape).

Get qualified in your Microsoft skills – and enquire with us on a course today.

Thank you to all the delegates who visited us at the Microsoft Learn stand. Don’t forget that all delegates who visited receive an exclusive Ignite offer of 10% off Microsoft courses plus get certified and receive a FREE Microsoft T-Shirt while stocks last, conditions apply.

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