Are you and your team ready for 2023? Watching the pace of digital transformation happening in Australasia and across Asia Pacific (APAC) has been exciting. But because of this unprecedented rate of technological change, we are seeing a digital skills gap that continues to widen. And organisations, industries, governments and communities need to address this to unlock the region’s full economic potential, especially in the face of challenging economic times.

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To prepare for the challenges ahead, a collaboration between departments, industries and sectors and prioritising skills training is essential. Doing so supports productivity, security, employee retention, recruitment and engagement.

A jump in organisations with AWS Cloud Training Programs

The Skillsoft 2022 IT Skills and Salary Report is now in its 17th year. Skillsoft conducted a worldwide survey of 8,000 IT professionals and decision-makers and found that:

  1. 72% of organisations are providing formal training as a key strategy to closing the skills gap. This 72 per cent is a jump of almost 12 percentage points from the prior year.

  2. 85% of organisations authorised training in the last year.

  3. 96% said employees with certifications provide great value.

By now, discussions on the IT skills gap have moved towards the practical details of why the gap persists and how and who it impacts.

The most significant factors behind a skills gap, according to the respondents of the SkillSoft study, are:

  • struggling to hire candidates with the right skills (44%)

  • retaining employees (33%)

What has this meant for organisations? Half of IT decision-makers report on consequences such as:

  • increased pressure on existing employees (47%)

  • slower project resolution times (38%)

  • a decreased ability to meet business objectives (34%)

Other reported consequences of the cloud skills gap are operating costs, declining customer satisfaction and increased security vulnerabilities and risks.

The survey asked business leaders about their training and recruitment priorities in 20 IT categories. The results show that:

  1. cloud computing ranks as the most challenging hiring area (30%)

  2. followed by analytics/big data/data science (28%)

  3. and cybersecurity (25%)

Essential AWS Cloud Computing Courses on Lumify

If you are setting up an AWS cloud training and certification within your organisation, you can explore the following courses as starting points.

Blog - Why AWS Cloud Certification Training is Essential in 2023 and Beyond - Jump AU

AWS Cloud Essentials for Business Leaders

This course explores the advantages and possibilities of cloud computing. It also introduces concepts like security and compliance to help facilitate better discussions with line of business (LOB) professionals, information technology (IT) LoB, IT leaders and executives.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

This one-day instructor-led course is for individuals who seek an overall understanding of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, independent of specific technical roles. Learn about AWS Cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, pricing and support to build your AWS Cloud knowledge.

AWS Technical Essentials

This course gives students the fundamental knowledge to become more proficient in identifying AWS services. It is also crafted to help you make informed decisions about IT solutions based on your business requirements and start working on AWS.

AWS Security Essentials

In this course, students can learn about fundamental AWS cloud security concepts, including AWS access control, data encryption methods and how network access to your AWS infrastructure can be secured.

Video Streaming Essentials for AWS Media Services

This instructor-led training course will tackle important video processing and delivery concepts, the variables that can impact migration decisions, and real-world examples of hybrid and cloud use cases for AWS Media Services.

Prioritising Cloud Skills Training in 2023 and Beyond

We help you turn change into opportunity. Lumify Work (formerly known as DDLS Training) is a proud training partner of AWS. Our partnership helps us make cloud computing training accessible to more people. Because of this, we can offer flexible delivery modalities with Lumify Anywhere.

Blog - Why AWS Cloud Certification Training is Essential in 2023 and Beyond - Training

You can prioritise training in your 2023 budget when you access AWS Jumpstart Bundles for digital cloud training from Lumify. include AWS Authorised courses like AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and Architecting on AWS. Through the bundle, you can also access two certification exams: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

Bookmark our Events Page to get information on upcoming AWS Cloud computing events and tradeshows. We host these events as online webinars or in-person sessions. They are designed for Business leaders, IT-technical professionals and Learners who want to learn about basic cloud concepts, AWS Cloud Terminology, and AWS core services.

If you prefer to make a day of it and bring the team together, on-site campuses are open for classroom-style cloud computing training in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Lumify has a pool of Authorised AWS Instructors who can provide you with a learning path relevant to you and your organisation so that you can leverage the cloud for innovation. Download our brochure on AWS training to get more details. Contact us for a consultation based on your AWS training requirements.

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