As a Microsoft cybersecurity architect, you translate a cybersecurity strategy into capabilities that protect the assets, business, and operations of an organisation. You design, guide the implementation of, and maintain security solutions that follow Zero Trust principles and best practices, including security strategies for identity, devices, data, applications, network, infrastructure, and DevOps. Plus, you design solutions for Governance and Risk Compliance (GRC), security operations, and security posture management.

Cybersecurity architects continuously collaborate with leaders and practitioners in IT security, privacy, and other roles across an organisation to plan and implement a cybersecurity strategy that meets the business needs of an organisation.

If you’d like to be a Cybersecurity Architect Expert, also make sure to complete one of the following certifications:

Recommended approach:

Step 1: Review the skills and knowledge required to certify.

Step 2: Train for certification exams.

Course: Microsoft SC-100T00 - Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect

Step 3: Schedule your SC-100 exam and get certified.

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