SAP Learning System Access lets you practice your skills and build experience in a live SAP environment. SAP learning systems are pre-configured with the data you'll need to carry out the exercises in SAP Learning Hub and you're free to experiment on your own.

  • Work with fully configured SAP learning systems to carry out class exercises, cross-train, and experiment

  • Gain hands-on experience with real-life SAP software environments to build, practice, and hone your SAP skills and knowledge

  • Meet your training objectives with SAP Learning System Access - whether preparing for a customer engagement, practicing for an SAP Global Certification exam, looking to acquire new skills, or just experimenting

  • Benefit from more than 450 courses available for a wide variety of SAP solutions, and a continuously expanding catalogue

  • System environments are tailored to support the corresponding training courses and allow exploration beyond the scope of a course

SAP Learning System Access enhances your learning experience and is available as an additional purchase option with all SAP Learning Hub subscriptions excluding the Discovery Edition. 60 hours is included with all Solution Editions.

SAP Learning System Access is purchased in a block of 20 hours (HUB320) or 60 hours (HUB360), providing usage time per one year of subscription.

View the SAP Learning System Access information sheet.

Introducing SAP Learning System Access


  • You must have an available SAP Learning Hub subscription for the time frame you wish to practice in.

  • The purpose of SAP Learning System Access is individual learning. The user's system environment and all created data therein will be deleted after the expiry of the purchased consumption time/period.