Scale the skills of your people with end user applications training

Modern organisations rely on desktop applications to maximise efficiency and productivity. And with the shift to hybrid and remote working environments, many are moving to the cloud with online productivity tools.

Equip your people with tips, tricks, and techniques that will make the most of your organisation-wide investment in applications. Establish processes that align with company policies to help your team get on the same page about tasks like file and data sharing, communication, reporting, and more.

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Lumify Work also has extensive experience as a solution provider of large applications roll-outs to reduce time-to-productivity. Training can be fully customised to meet your specific needs.

Access this brochure to learn about:

  • Flexible delivery options at our training centres, on your premises, or online

  • Popular courses on end user applications

  • Custom learning solutions - express, bespoke technology, in-house, or e-learning

End User Applications courses:

With a large investment in this ubiquitous technology, your people need the skills and knowledge to use the most popular applications to their full potential. Our most popular courses are focused on:

  • Microsoft 365

  • Collaboration tools - SharePoint, Teams, OneNote

  • Power BI

  • Office suite - Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word

  • Access

  • Project

  • Visio

  • Windows

Maximise your investment in end user applications and support your team in improving efficiency for day to day tasks and projects. Complete the form on this page to access the brochure.

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