There is currently significant growth in demand in the Australian job market for cloud-related cybersecurity training, according to Jon Lang, the CEO of ICT and cybersecurity training provider, DDLS. Australia’s cybersecurity industry is predicted to bring in around $6 billion in revenue by 2026, supporting the emergence of careers in information technology for a lot of Australians.

Lang says the need for cloud-related training is especially centred around Microsoft Azure and AWS, in the face of what he says is a “huge unmet demand” for cybersecurity professionals.

Lang says this closely represents what’s happening in the jobs market, with the number of unfilled cyber security jobs predicted to reach 3.5 million by 2021, as per Cybersecurity Ventures 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report.

“We recently added the industry leading CISSP course and certification to our offerings. We reached 30 students in record time, in fact, it was the quickest reach of any course DDLS has ever brought into the portfolio,” said Lang.

Lang’s comments follow DDLS’ recent announcement of the launch of its cyber security course for non-ICT students, to be delivered by the Australian Institute of ICT (AIICT).

Jon Lang has provided – in Question &; Answer format – what he has to say about the cybersecurity skills shortage and how courses like DDLS’ cybersecurity bootcamp can fill this widening gap. Here it is:

1. Can you please tell us about your latest offering, the cybersecurity bootcamp course and how this will provide a long-term solution to the critical skills shortage in Australia’s cyber security industry?

The Certified Cybersecurity Professional course came with the critical need to identify the cybersecurity skills shortage – the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs is predicted to reach 3.5 million by 2021 1, yet there exists a limited range of cyber security courses for those new to the industry such as school leavers or career changers.

This course is designed specifically to provide the foundational skills to start off a career in cybersecurity, even those with little to no experience in IT. As more students complete their certification and enter the workforce, they will ultimately further their skills and experience, giving the cybersecurity industry a much-needed boost. The course is designed with flexibility in mind – it is delivered 100% online and can be completed within just 4-6 months, which eliminates many barriers preventing students from upskilling and aims to attract the broadest audience possible.

2. Has there been significant interest in this course, since its launch? How many students will DDLS be training under the program at one given time?

The interest we have received on this course has been beyond expectation. We have had hundreds of enquiries, from individuals looking to start their cybersecurity career, to businesses wanting to upskill entire departments. Through our custom-built delivery system, we can facilitate a large number of students training at any given time.

3. This course is said to turn people with zero industry experience into job-ready, front line cybersecurity analysts – what areas are being covered within the course – could you please elaborate?

The Certified Cybersecurity Professional course covers three certifications from CompTIA (A+, Network+ & Security+), certifications which are accredited by International Organisation for Standardisation and the American National Standards Institute (ISO/ANSI). Students also have access to additional content for twelve months to further expand on their cybersecurity skills.

Some of the particular topic areas include; an introduction to ethical hacking, which is taken from the EC-Council’s Ethical Hacking course; an introduction to penetration testing, with content from the CompTIA PenTest+ course; and finally an introduction to becoming a security analyst, with content from the CompTIA CySA+ course. Students will enjoy short, sharp video content, test skills in live labs, experience live webinars and chat to a highly experienced online mentor.

4. Where do you hope DDLS will be in 2024? How would you best describe DDLS’ five year plan and what new courses do you plan on introducing to reflect changes in the IT industry?

Our main objective is to enable people to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow, and we do this by partnering with the biggest and best vendors in the world, offering the largest course offering and producing the highest quality learning outcomes. We will continue to expand our vendor and course offering based on industry demands, and we have plans to expand our offer to the greater APAC arena – we have already started this journey with our first campus in the Philippines. In terms of cybersecurity, we have seen huge growth over the last 12 months, and don’t expect this to slow down. We are investing heavily in the cybersecurity product area and recently appointed a cybersecurity product manager in order to drive this aspect of our business and ensure DDLS remains at the cutting edge, providing training solutions for everyone from frontline staff to senior cyber professionals.


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