I recently attended two training courses with Lumify (formerly DDLS) and I would like to thank my account manager and the friendly and supportive Canberra Lumify team for such a positive experience. I have never before attended training where my account manager has met me and made me aware of all of the available facilities. This really made me feel at ease.

The instructor was obviously very successful and respected within his field, and a great facilitator. He went out of his way to make sure that the class felt comfortable within the learning environment and his real-world knowledge meshed in well with the course content.

The facilities were excellent and the catering was also of high quality. I strongly believe that the professional and supportive manner in which my whole training experience was conducted is a credit to the Canberra Lumify team, and sets you apart from other IT training providers with which I have had experience.

Deanne Duncombe

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