I wanted to get back to you with some feedback on the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Training Course which I recently completed with Lumify (formerly DDLS).

Overall I found the course to be engaging, fast paced and complemented the suite of defensive security courses I have completed very well. The Trainer was knowledgeable and open to questions, and the fast paced suited my learning style. In particular being able to review a topic, complete some labs but also have the ability to log on to the labs in our own time and complete any additional labs and modules allowed us to go back and review topics which had been discussed. Our training was completed via telepresence to Sydney, with several students located in Sydney and several in Melbourne. This was my first time using Telepresence in this situation and feel it worked very well.

Thanks for your assistance in scheduling this course, we will be looking at how we can utilise the other EC-Council courses for Cyber Response.

Jay McGown
Gipsland Water

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