We will be upgrading (from XP) to Windows 7 at a point in the not too distant future, so training, in any sense, had to be undertaken. That training was of course with Lumify (formerly DDLS). The Lumify training provided a practical and transferable experience for me. Both the material itself and format in which it was presented were hands-on and highly relevant. In summary, the training…11/10!

The training covered all aspects, certainly answering some questions that I already had, but went beyond that, answering some questions that I had not even thought of. Extremely impressed.

The trainer, Darren Smith, VERY focused and knowledgeable of the material he was presenting, brought with him a lab of laptops, which meant that every participant was able to have their own machine, which lent itself to the best possible learning experience – hands on! Textbooks provided a complimentary aide to the course and in delving into exercises, to learn as we went. Darren brought the course ‘alive’, not just reading from a textbook, but offering real-world practical experiences and situations, that when related back to the course content, made everything meaningful. Many times Darren would say something and I would think “Ah, that’s brilliant, I can do that at work to solve this problem or do this at work to make this process more efficient”. Darren is an asset to Lumify (formerly DDLS).

The money spent on the Lumify training was the best investment of the year. I recommend it to everyone.

Jeff Lyons

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