Over the past few years I have co-ordinated the attendance of over 50 Telstra IP networking staff, across three states, on Cisco courses ICND-1 and ICND-2 in preparation for CCNA certification. Lumify (formerly DDLS) provided highly focused customer support to enable this lengthy program to be delivered via both public and private courses. Given the size of the engagement, Lumify was able to pre-deliver the course notes across the country, enabling staff to prepare for the courses in advance to help make the most of their time at Lumify.

Lumify provided an excellent learning environment. The vast majority of staff found the instructors to be of very high quality with solid technical knowledge. So far, many staff have since achieved their CCNA certification. And while Lumify doesn’t deal directly in the booking of Cisco exams, it does provide accredited exam facilities, and given the feedback I have received, the Lumify exam facilities are viewed as being among the best.

Mark Nicholls

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