RegPM® is the Australian Institute of Project Management’s certification program. It is developed through AIPM®’s own Competency Standards, that have been developed by AIPM and are widely recognised by industry as a best practice model for project, program and portfolio management, in both the private and public sectors.

It involves an individually designed competency-based workplace assessment program. Applicants are required to compile evidence that displays their competence in project management. It can be awarded at one of five levels:

  • Certified Practicing Project Practitioner (CPPP)

  • Certified Practicing Project Manager (CPPM)

  • Certified Practicing Senior Project Manager (CPSPM)

  • Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD)

  • Certified Practicing Portfolio Executive (CPPE)


Benefits of becoming a Registered Project Manager

  • Identify skill gaps and improve capability

  • Gain competitive advantage – win work / jobs

  • Achieve industry Project Management recognition

  • Achieve organisational Project Management recognition

  • Identify where you are at in your career path

  • Inclusion on the Register of Project Managers on the AIPM website

  • Personal improvement and development

  • Career path from project team member to project manager or program director

  • Gain a competitive advantage over non-registered Project Managers

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Certification and assessment

  • If you would like to become an AIPM certified project manager you must become a member of AIPM first as credentials are awarded only to members. You can just be a member, but you do not have to be certified.

  • Once you are certified your certification is valid for three years.

  • To keep your certification current you need to undertake continuous professional development (CPD) within these three years and accrue 70 CPD points.

  • If you have sufficient CPD points after three years, are a financial member and have paid a renewal fee, your certification is automatically renewed for another three years. There is no re-certification process as such.

  • During the assessment you will need to provide workplace based evidence across nine competency areas to the assessor to prove that you can apply project management knowledge at a certain level in your work place.

  • You are free to choose your assessor. The assessor will walk you through the process and explain what is and what is not acceptable as workplace evidence.

  • Assessment outcomes are either ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’. If the outcome is ‘not yet competent’ the assessor will be able to show you an individual development pathway how to become ‘competent’.

Courses to help you gain CPDs

In order to gain CPD points you can sit an endorsed course at Lumify Work or undertake CPD activities. Example courses:

The RegPM certification process

  1. Become a member of AIPM. The appropriate membership level will depend upon your experience, and a basic CV should accompany your application form.

  2. Contact and work with an approved assessor. You can find an approved assessor via the AIPM website. Any fee payable direct to your assessor is separate to fees paid to AIPM and applies to your assessment only. The assessment process must be completed within 6 months from the date applied.

  3. Log in to My AIPM and complete the RegPM online application form. An application fee is payable online to AIPM as part of the application process.

  4. Your assessor will guide you through the AIPM competency based assessment process. At this stage, you will need to complete your assessment with your chosen assessor.

  5. Your assessor submits an assessment report to AIPM, which is then certified by the Certification Coordinator and audited before completion.

  6. Approximately one month after successful completion of steps 1 to 5, you will receive your certificate and your name is placed on AIPM’s online register of Certified Project Managers. Your certification is valid for three years.

  7. Over the three year period, you are required to log your CPD points online via the AIPM website. Go to www.aipm.com.au (Log in > My AIPM > My CPD Points) for more information.

  8. After three years, you are required to renew your certification by demonstrating Continuous Professional Development.

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