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BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform: Administering Servers (BOE320)

  • Length 3 days
  • Price  $3498 inc GST
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Why study this course

This is a SAP Business Intelligence (BI) course for System Administrators or System Architects.

This course is based on software release:

  • SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.2

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What you’ll learn

This course will prepare you to:

  • Explain the architecture in SAP BusinessObjects BI platform

  • Configure SAP BusinessObjects BI platform

  • Perform common server management and administrative tasks in SAP BusinessObjects BI platform

  • Manage and configure servers

  • Troubleshoot SAP BusinessObjects BI platform


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Who is the course for?

  • System Administrator

  • System Architect

Course subjects

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

  • Describing the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform

  • Describing the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform Architecture

Installation of SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform

  • Installing SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform: Server Side Installation

  • Installing SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform: Client Side Installation

Web Application Management

  • Configuring Web Application Servers

  • Managing Web Applications

Server Administration and Management

  • Configuring the Central Management Console (CMC)

Managing Servers and Server Intelligence Agents (SIA) with the Central Configuration Manager (CCM)

  • Operating the CCM

Monitoring SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform System Landscape

  • Monitoring the BI Platform

  • Configuring the Monitoring Application

File Repository Server Management

  • Administering the File Repository Server

  • Using the Repository Diagnostic Tool

Job Server and Event Server Scheduling

  • Configuring the Adaptive Job Server

  • Managing Web Intelligence Document Schedules

  • Configuring a Connection Server

Dashboard Servers

  • Configuring Dashboard Servers

  • Managing Dashboard Design Servers

  • Managing Crystal Reports Servers

Crystal Reports Servers

  • Configuring Crystal Reports Servers

  • Managing Crystal Reports Servers

Explorer Servers

  • Configuring Explorer Servers

  • Managing Explorer Servers

  • Managing Information Spaces

Central Management Server (CMS) and System Databases

  • Managing the CMS and System Database

  • Configuring auditing



  • Windows conventions

  • Familiarity with Windows Server administration and security concepts (global/local groups, and directory structure)

  • Basic computer skills


  • Familiarity with tasks involved in supporting users and groups access in SAP BusinessObjects BI platform

  • Familiarity with content and account management in SAP BusinessObjects BI platform

  • Familiarity with SAP BusinessObjects BI launch pad

  • Familiarity with security concepts in SAP BusinessObjects BI platform


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