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Get the skills you need to design, deploy and manage Microsoft technologies and services with Lumify Work, Australia and New Zealand’s first Gold Learning Partner.

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Lumify Work is your best choice for training and certification in any of Microsoft’s leading technologies and services. We’ve been delivering effective training across all Microsoft products for over 30 years, and are proud to be Australia and New Zealand’s first Microsoft Gold Learning Solutions Partner.

Lumify Work is the largest Microsoft training partner in Australia and New Zealand, offering the widest range of courses. We can advise you on the right courses to choose, and help align training plans to certification outcomes.

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Getting your training at Australia’s only Gold Learning Partner is the best way to ensure you have the skills you need to design, deploy and manage Microsoft technologies and services in your business. As the largest training partner in Australia, Lumify Work has the widest range of Microsoft training courses, delivered from seven locations by the largest community of Microsoft Certified Trainers in the region. Access Microsoft training online or from our Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra campuses.

Lumify Work is a recipient of the Microsoft Global Learning Partner of the Year award, based on its track record of delivering quality outcomes. Lumify Work has also been the exclusive partner of Microsoft to deliver their Public Sector Azure skills program.

Lumify Work can advise on the right courses and help align training plans to certification.

Every Microsoft training course from Lumify Work follows Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and is taught by our Microsoft Certified Trainers.

Why Microsoft?

Companies all over the world are rapidly adopting the paid cloud, going from 31% in 2015-16 to 42% in 2019. The Microsoft Cloud is one of the most widely used platforms on the market and is the current choice of over 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

Microsoft is constantly adding to and improving their suite of products, gaining more than 1,000 new customers per day. Australian organisations are especially heavy adopters, widely using tools like Microsoft Office, OneDrive, and Teams, as well as more specialised industry-specific platforms.

Microsoft Training

Microsoft training and certification gives you an immense advantage in your career as an IT professional. Candidates with certification in Microsoft Azure, for example, believe having it makes them 49% more employable, and that they earn up to 20% more than those that are not certified. During cloud deployment, IT professionals with just one Microsoft certification have 35% more influence, while those with more than three relevant certifications have 5.5 times the influence. 

In short, Microsoft training makes you more valuable as an IT professional, helping validate your expertise for specific industry-aligned roles and demonstrate your knowledge of real-world skills. 

Microsoft Training with Lumify Work

Find Microsoft courses near you through Lumify Work. Lumify has campuses offering Microsoft training in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. Here are some specific reasons to complete your Microsoft training with Lumify Work:

  • You gain access to a wide range of Microsoft courses, for everything from entry-level instruction in Office 365 to advanced training in development and analytics 

  • We have nearly three decades of experience training Australian organisations

  • We offer highly qualified, certified instructors with a deep understanding of Microsoft Cloud

  • We’ve been recognised by top vendors and professional bodies throughout Australia and are a partner of choice for Microsoft

Microsoft Learning Paths

There are four specific pathways you can take with Microsoft training to align with your specific IT role:

  • Developer
    Revolves around the process of designing, building, testing, and maintaining Microsoft applications

  • Administrator
    Focuses on platforms like Microsoft 365, Office 365, and SharePoint, where an administrator trains on increasing an organisation’s efficiency and productivity

  • Solutions Architect
    You’ll learn primarily about Microsoft Azure, including building and implementing Azure solutions

  • Functional Consultant
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the platform of focus where you learn how to effectively plan for the needs of customers

And there are three different levels of certification:

  • Functional Certifications
    Foundational Microsoft courses with no prerequisities, these programs are usually best suited for those who are just learning the ropes

  • Associate Certifications
    Designed to help IT professionals become more proficient, this training is designed for those with two years of relevant working experience

  • Expert Certifications
    This training is specifically for expert-level IT professionals with 2-5 years of technical experience


How long do Microsoft courses last?

Some basic courses can be completed in just one or two days; most take four or five days to complete. 

How much do Microsoft courses cost?

The general pricing structure is as follows:

  • 1-day course: $715 - 990

  • 2-day course: $1870

  • 3-day course: $2750

  • 4-day course: $3630 - 3740

  • 5-day course: $4290 - 4510

Lumify Work is your best choice for training and certification in Microsoft’s leading technologies and services.

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