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Microsoft DP-3012 - Implementing a Data Analytics Solution with Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Length 1 day
  • Price  $990 inc GST
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Why study this course

This course is designed to give the learners instruction on the SQL dedicated and serverless Spark pools and providing instruction of data wrangling and the ELT process using Synapse Pipelines which is very similar to those familiar with Azure Data Factory (ADF) to move data into the Synapse dedicated pool database.

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What you’ll learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the business problems that Azure Synapse Analytics addresses

  • Describe core capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Determine when to use Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Identify capabilities and use cases for serverless SQL pools in Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Query CSV, JSON, and Parquet files using a serverless SQL pool

  • Create external database objects in a serverless SQL pool

  • Identify core features and capabilities of Apache Spark

  • Configure a Spark pool in Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Run code to load, analyse, and visualise data in a Spark notebook

  • Describe core features and capabilities of Delta Lake

  • Create and use Delta Lake tables in a Synapse Analytics Spark pool

  • Create Spark catalog tables for Delta Lake data

  • Use Delta Lake tables for streaming data

  • Query Delta Lake tables from a Synapse Analytics SQL pool

  • Design a schema for a relational data warehouse

  • Create fact, dimension, and staging tables

  • Use SQL to load data into data warehouse tables

  • Use SQL to query relational data warehouse tables

  • Describe core concepts for Azure Synapse Analytics pipelines

  • Create a pipeline in Azure Synapse Studio

  • Implement a data flow activity in a pipeline

  • Initiate and monitor pipeline runs

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Who is the course for?

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Engineer

Course subjects

  • Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Use Azure Synapse serverless SQL pool to query files in a data lake

  • Analyse data with Apache Spark in Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Use Delta Lake in Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Analyze data in a relational data warehouse

  • Build a data pipeline in Azure Synapse Analytics


  • Familiarity with notebooks that use different languages and a Spark engine, such as Databricks, Jupyter Notebooks, Zeppelin notebooks and more.

  • Some experience with SQL, Python, and Azure tools, such as Data Factory.

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