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Lumify Work offers a wide range of Google Cloud training courses and is Australia's only national Google Cloud Authorised Training Partner.

Authorised Google Cloud partner

Lumify Work is Australia's only national Google Cloud Authorised Training Partner. Organisations in New Zealand and the Philippines can also access Google Cloud training through Lumify. Prepare yourself or your team to get maximum value with minimal risk from your Google Cloud Platform implementation. Get the skills needed to build, test, and deploy applications on this highly scalable infrastructure. Engineered to handle the most data-intensive work you can throw at it, Lumify Work can support you through training wherever you are in your Cloud adoption journey.

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    Access Google Cloud Courses Through Lumify Work

    Lumify Work is a Google Cloud Authorised Training Partner, and your gateway to Google Cloud Platform success. Whether you have deployed Google Cloud, or it forms part of your hybrid cloud strategy, getting the right skills in place is vital to a successful implementation and ongoing adoption.

    Our Google Cloud training covers the concepts and technologies in a hands-on environment relevant to the Google Architect, Data and Machine Learning Professional, Administrator or Developer.

    Access Google Cloud Architect, AI and Data Scientist training in New Zealand. Book and sit courses at your sites, online or from our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch campuses.

    Many of the courses align with certification paths that include:

    About Google Cloud Certification Training

    Google Cloud’s role-based certifications measure an individual’s proficiency at performing a specific job role using Google Cloud technology. The knowledge, skills, and abilities required for each job role are assessed using rigorously developed industry-standard methods. Google Cloud certifications empower individuals to advance their careers and give employers the confidence to build highly-skilled, effective teams.

    Every Google Cloud certification starts with a formal study called Job Task Analysis (JTA). During the JTA, a panel of subject matter experts identifies the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience required of an individual to perform the tasks in a specific job role, and creates a detailed job description. These skills are described in the exam-specific exam guides and job descriptions here.

    An exam guide provides the blueprint for developing exam questions and guides candidates studying for an exam. While we encourage candidates to prepare themselves by answering questions on any topic in an exam guide, Google does not guarantee that every topic within an exam guide will be assessed.

    A digital badge and certificate are issued after a candidate passes an exam, and the candidate’s exam performance is verified. Each certificate contains a sequential number that reflects the candidate’s position among the growing list of Google Cloud-certified individuals.

    Unless explicitly stated in the detailed exam descriptions, all Google Cloud certifications are valid for two years from the date certified. Candidates must recertify to maintain their certification status. Renewal notifications are sent 90, 60, and 30 days before the certification expiration date. Learn more about Google Cloud Certifications here.

    Why get a Google Cloud Certification?

    For individuals, it's a way to demonstrate expertise and validate your ability to transform businesses with Google Cloud technology.

    According to the 2020 Google Cloud certification impact report:

    • Google Cloud certifications are among the highest-paying IT certifications of 2022.

    • 78% feel more confident in their professional future

    • 82% can prove their cloud skill competency to recruiters

    • 85% feel more confident in their cloud skills

    For organisations, it validates your teams’ technical capabilities while demonstrating your commitment to the fast pace of the cloud.

    As the managing director of Fourcast BVBA shares:

    "What certification offers that experience doesn’t is peace of mind. I’m not only talking about self-confidence, but also for our customers. Having us certified, working on their projects, really gives them peace of mind that they’re working with a partner who knows what they’re doing."

    Magda Jary, Head of Google Cloud Credentials and Certifications, investing in the cloud entails an investment in your people. Google cloud certifications help teams to:

    • Speed up technology implementation - Cloud certifications help you maximise your technology investment.

    • Improve client satisfaction and success - Fully certified teams can meet most client objectives.

    • Motivate your team and retain talent - When leaders invest in skills training, talent tends to stick around.

    • Finish your projects ahead of schedule - Cloud certifications equip teams with the skills needed to handle workloads.

    The Google Cloud Certification Path

    Which Google Cloud certification is right for you? Find details on each certification level based on prerequisites below.

    1. Foundational certification
      Validate your broad knowledge of cloud concepts and the products, services, tools, features, benefits, and use cases of Google Cloud.

      The recommended candidate:
      - Has a collaborative role with technical professionals
      - Has no technical prerequisites

      The ideal role would be:
      Cloud Digital Leader - The Google Cloud Digital Leader certification is for anyone who wishes to demonstrate knowledge of cloud computing basics and how Google Cloud products and services can move the organisation’s goals forward.

    2. Associate certification
      Assesses the fundamental skills to deploy and maintain cloud projects.

      The recommended candidate:
      - Has an understanding of the fundamentals of Google Cloud
      - Has experience deploying cloud applications and monitoring operations
      - Has experience managing cloud enterprise solutions

      The recommended role that is intermediate and that you can achieve with Lumify is:
      Cloud Engineer - Associate Cloud Engineers can validate their skills in deploying applications, monitoring operations and managing enterprise solutions.

    3. Professional certification
      Assess key technical job functions and advanced skills in design, implementation and management of Google Cloud products.

      The recommended candidate:

      - Has in-depth experience setting up cloud environments for an organisation
      - Has experience deploying services and solutions based on business requirements
      - Has identified a specialisation based on their focus area

      The recommended roles that you can aim to achieve with help from Lumify Work are:
      Cloud Architect - The Google Cloud Architect certification path develops candidates into professionals who thoroughly understand how to design, develop and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives using Google Cloud.

      Data Engineer - A Professional Data Engineer enables data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming and publishing data.

      Cloud Developer - A Google Certified Cloud Developer builds scalable and highly available applications using Google-recommended tools and best practices.

      Cloud Security Engineer - A Professional Cloud Security Engineer enables organisations to design and implement a secure infrastructure on Google Cloud.

      Cloud Network Engineer - A Professional Cloud Network Engineer implements and manages network architectures in Google Cloud Platform. This individual has at least 1 year of hands-on experience working with Google Cloud.

      Other roles with professional Google certifications include:

      Cloud DevOps Engineer
      Google Workspace Administrator
      Machine Learning Engineer

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