The Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM)® two-day course provides an introduction to Agile Service Management, the application, and integration of agile thinking into service management processes and process design projects.

Adopting DevOps and agile culture increases customer value and delivers greater business performance in a fast-paced, disruptive world. Organisations fully embracing DevOps and agile practices see higher rate of revenue and profit growth, and are more likely than their mainstream counterparts to be growing their businesses at a faster rate.

To obtain the CASM certification:

Included with your course is an exam voucher to sit an online proctored exam through PeopleCert. The CASM exam is open book, 60 minutes, consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, and at least 26 questions must be correctly answered to pass (65%). Successfully passing the exam will earn you the Certified Agile Service Manager designation.

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Certified Agile Service Manager Blueprint

CASM Blueprint image

Click here to download the full size pdf.

PeopleCert DevOps Exams

DevOps Institute exams are now conducted via PeopleCert's online proctoring, with an improved web-based platform released in February 2024. Candidates can schedule their exam for any time within the voucher validity period of 12 months, to be taken anywhere, on any Windows or Mac computer. Live proctors will guide and invigilate the exam process. For full details please see PeopleCert's Guidelines for Web-Based Exam Driver.

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