In previous years, career progression with ITIL® meant completing the ITIL 4 Foundation certification and moving on to more advanced certifications, meaning no recertification was required.

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But as part of PeopleCert’s Continuing Professional Development Programme, from January 2023, ALL ITIL certifications will expire after three (3) years and come with a renewal requirement.

Contact our Lumify Sales Team or your account manager if you want to know more.

All candidates with ITIL certifications will need to renew within three years of their original certification dates; this will mean:

  • If certified before 30 June 2020: You will have until 1 July 2023 to renew your certification, regardless of the original award date.

  • If certified after June 2020: You will have to renew your certification(s) within 3 years of the original award date.

From 15 January 2023, there will be two renewal paths available to candidates:

  • Retake the same exam: Candidates can renew their certification by retaking their original exam before the renewal date.

  • Take further courses and certifications: Candidates can renew their certification by attending another course and taking an exam within the same product suite before the renewal date.

Candidates who do not renew will still be included on the Successful Candidates Register and the Candidate Verification Service, but a note will be added to their record to indicate that their certification needs to be renewed to align with current certification requirements.

If you have completed ITIL 4 Certifications with Lumify Work (previously known as DDLS) we recommend you contact your account managers for more information.

Why Recertify for ITIL 4?

Most of the technology vendors and bodies of knowledge that partner with Lumify Work require certification. These include Project Management Institute (PMI), ISACA, SCRUMstudy, and ISC2.

After a review of today's landscape, PeopleCert has decided to keep in step with other organisations to ensure that ITIL 4-certified professionals are up to date with best practices. Two of the main considerations for this are:

Changes in Emerging Technology

In the last three years, we have seen technology need to change at a pace that is unprecedented. These changes were prompted by external factors like government policies, security incidents and consumer behaviours.


If you look at Gartner's Hype Cycle for 2022, you will find that 80% of what's listed are emerging technologies that IT professionals and service desk teams need to integrate into their organisation's workflow. These emerging technologies include ChatGPT, NFTs, Decentralised Identities and Cloud Computing.

Newer and More Modern Ways of Working

During the pandemic, companies were forced to adopt Remote Work arrangements. This later evolved into Hybrid Work arrangements. So too, does the ITIL framework need to be updated.

Previously, formal releases of updated versions of ITIL occurred at almost 10-year intervals (1989, 2001, 2007 and 2019). Certification renewal ensures that ITIL-certified professionals know the latest framework version and can apply it to newer ways of working.

Recommendations on ITIL 4 Foundation Courses

If you are considering an ITIL 4 Foundation certification course, we share recommendations based on your background in ITIL and IT Service Management.

  • If you are NEW to ITIL,
    ITIL 4 Foundation (3 days)
    Who is this course for: Suited to NEW IT Professionals, helpdesk and those looking at Service Management roles with little or no prior ITIL experience.

  • If you have prior experience in ITIL,
    ITIL 4 Foundation - Fast Track (2 days)
    Who is this course for: Suited to IT Professionals who have prior ITIL certification OR have 2 to 3 years of practical working experience in IT and Service Management environments and are looking at formalising or validating their skills by gaining certification.

Take Advantage of ITIL 4 Foundation Course Offers

Understand the key concepts of ITIL service management and how ITIL guiding principles can help an organisation to adopt and adapt ITIL service management through our ITIL 4 Foundation course offers.

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Lumify Work is an Accredited Training Organisation for ITIL courses by PeopleCert. We are a member of the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF).

Most of our ITIL instructors have expert level ITIL certification in addition to real-world ITIL implementation and ITIL consulting experience. We help you prepare not only for your ITIL Certification exams but also implement ITIL successfully within your organisation.

Lumify Work is a leading provider of corporate IT training with campuses across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Read the story of one of our learners and how her department has been learning ITIL to address these challenges.

Find out more about ITIL and ITSM by accessing our eBook. You can also reach out to our team to enquire about courses that support the upskilling and career development of Help Desk Managers, SDMs or other IT professionals.

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