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Embracing Change: Take out the Guesswork

  • Length 1 day or 2 half-days
  • Price  $550 inc GST
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Why study this course

Change is the only constant, with technological advancements, political and economic instability, environmental uncertainty and shifting priorities, the world can be a challenging place to navigate. In this session, we will explore the neuroscience, which explains why we often find change uncomfortable, unsettling and upsetting. Participants will use tools and strategies to understand the different stages of change they, or their teammates may be in, as well as how to move through to the change being fully integrated.

Participants will gain insight into why people may be upset by a change that they, themselves, thought was minor. They will develop a greater sense of empathy for their people and understand the drivers for change and levers to pull in order to communicate and roll out change in an effective way.

We explore the SCARF model and Kubler-Ross Grief Curve and participants will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of strategies they can apply during each stage of change to influence successful implementation.

Participants will feel confident in leading people through change and discovering as well as acknowledging and overcoming barriers to change in themselves and others.

Participants will walk away with practical tools to enact proactive as well as reactive change in a structured and considered way to achieve great success and minimal discomfort.

This course is appealing to aspiring, emerging and current leaders, business owners, salespeople, volunteers and teammates who are interested in how they can successfully deliver change in their organisations. There is an optional qualification upgrade available.

This course is often delivered in two half-days instead of one full day.

Delivered by Illuminate Group – Powered by Lumify Work.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the different stages of change

  • Identify methods to move through the stages of change more easily

  • Identify key stakeholders and communication strategies

  • Remove roadblocks

  • Harness the power of utilising influencers

  • Develop a simple change management plan

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Who is the course for?

Anyone – current leaders, new leaders, emerging leaders, employees, individuals and volunteers.

Course subjects

  • Stages of change

  • Reactive versus proactive change

  • Barriers to overcome

  • How to generate buy-in

  • Sustaining momentum


There are no compulsory prerequisites but An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence is recommended.


Lumify Work offers training through our partnership with Illuminate Group. This arrangement requires Lumify Work to provide your details to Illuminate Group for course and/or exam registration purposes.

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