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Resilience and You - Online ILT

  • Length 3 hours
  • Price  $495 inc GST
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Why study this course

This activity-based workshop is delivered live online and provides participants with the opportunity to understand what is resilience, the effects it has on their life and productivity, then gives them the chance to learn practical tools and strategies to implement on a daily basis to allow them to be more resilient especially during challenging times.

Participants learn to use tools from leading sources such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Steven Covey (Circle of Influence) that they can use to proactively build their resilience and additional tools to employ in those tough times to maintain their reserves.

Delivered live online, this course considers how to build resilience through a work-related lens.  The workshop also includes aspects of neuro-science, and participants learn to recognise their decision making, attitude and feeling about a situation as a result of chemical releases, and how to refresh and move forward more positively.

This is where science meets the workplace to build greater productivity.

This is an instructor-led class that you can attend from home or your office - or anywhere with an internet connection. The class utilises secure video conferencing with interactive features such as live polling, screen sharing, whiteboards, live chat, and breakout sessions.

Please note: these classes run to a very tight schedule. Please join the class at least 10 minutes prior to commencement so you are ready to participate and don't miss a minute!

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What you’ll learn

This course will provide practical skills and techniques to help people improve their workplace performance in the following areas:

  • Proactively Building Resilience

  • Maintaining Resilience

  • Handling Change with a Better Mindset

  • Having Fun at Work, while Maintaining Professionalism and Productivity

  • Displaying Courage

  • Increased Collaboration

  • Engaging and Developing People

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Who is the course for?

This is a practical class that is suitable for all audiences, and provides participants with tools they can apply on-the-job (and in other contexts) the very next day.

Course subjects

Lesson 1: Resilience and You

  • Workplace Pressure

  • Stress-Related Hazards

  • Understanding Resilience

  • Depleting and Replenishing Your Resilience

Lesson 2: Responding to Pressure

  • It's a Matter of Choice

  • Think Positive - Be Positive

  • Positive Reframing

Lesson 3: Lifting the Energy of the Team

  • The Cauldron in Your Brain

  • Having Fun at Work

  • Energy Blockers




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Terms & Conditions

The supply of this course by Lumify Work is governed by the booking terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before enrolling in this course, as enrolment in the course is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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