Whether you manage technology for academic institutions, public sector organisations or corporations, it's easy to see that today's IT landscape is becoming service-based and in flux.

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By adopting ITIL®, information technology professionals and organisations can benefit from proven best practices in the delivery or support of IT services. To get started, you can explore ITIL 4 Foundation.

The challenges that IT organisations face

During the webinar "ITIL 4: Grow your business, like never before", ITIL Ambassador for AXELOS Global Best Practice, Akshay Anand, paints a picture of what many IT organisations need to contend with:

  1. A focus on outputs and not outcomes, leading to unhappy customers

  2. The push to be faster with higher quality and user experience

  3. Being held back by dogmatic, by-the-book approaches

  4. A focus on product (software) management over service management

  5. Simply copying Agile and DevOps Practices without in-depth analysis

  6. Friction from legacy systems and new ways of working

  7. A culture clash with enterprise governance and risk management

What do modern IT organisations need?

With changes in technology coming into full swing in recent years, IT departments need to be able to:

  • Adopt new operating models and frameworks

  • Have a stronger role and voice in shaping business decisions and strategy

  • Be more stakeholder centric, that is prioritising the technological and environmental wellbeing of the organisation as a community and not just whoever sends the orders

The future is built on ITIL

What is ITIL? PeopleCert describes it as the ultimate in IT best practice.

Since 1989, across 180+ countries, it’s been the go-to IT qualification for professionals looking to realise their full potential, take a career leap, and deliver empowering, lasting change for ambitious organisations.

As a professionally recognised certification scheme, ITIL (which is rooted in comprehensive service management practices) supports organisations and individuals to gain optimal value from IT and digital services and helps define the direction of the service provider with a clear capability model that is aligned to the business strategy and customer needs. ITIL also emphasises the importance of business relationship management to understand and meet the service needs of an organisation’s customers.

And for world-shaping names like IBM, NASA, Shell, HP, British Airways and Disney, ITIL-certified professionals – equipped with comprehensive, practical and proven guidance, world-class expertise, and a common language.

But whatever the size and shape of an organisation, and whatever stage a professional is at in their career, the future is built on ITIL.

Who is ITIL for?

Courses on ITIL are designed for IT professionals involved in the delivery or support of IT services, especially those in service desk, asset management, or incident management roles. Business professionals who need to further understand how IT can help maximise their business potential also benefit from learning about ITIL.

ITIL Foundation Certification benefits for individuals:

  1. Enhances your employment prospects

  2. Makes your skills more competitive

  3. Proves your expertise and know how

  4. Boosts your job productivity

  5. Increases your standing within the IT community

ITIL benefits for the organisation:

  1. Aligns IT with business needs making the former an asset to the business

  2. Increases cost effectiveness and productivity

  3. Improves customer service delivery

  4. Improves ROI of IT services through the use of proven best practice processes

  5. Offers greater visibility of IT costs and IT assets

  6. Reduces the cost of recruitment and training – hiring ITIL qualified people is easier

When is the best time to adopt ITIL and learn ITIL Foundation?

While many organisations believe in the possible benefits of the ITIL framework, some hesitate to adopt it. Their reasons include wanting to wait for higher publications or versions of the framework or waiting until their organisation is ready.

Start your IT departments digital transformation with ITIL 4 Foundation Training - Digital Transformation AU

But the best time to adopt the concepts is always now and the best way to do it is by exploring an ITIL Foundation course.

ITIL Foundation training, crucial for individuals aiming to become an ITIL Strategic Leader or an ITIL Managing Professional, is designed to help participants gain an extensive understanding of the ITIL 4 principles and to show how they can improve their work and the work of their organisation as a whole with the ITIL 4 guidance.

The ITIL 4 Foundation course offers a rich learning experience that helps participants understand ITIL 4 and relate it to their own work environment. It aims to inspire participants to serve as change champions by sharing and using what they have learned and continue to learn and lead and mentor others.

It can help them hold early stage but impactful discussions to define and identify:

  1. Who their stakeholders are

  2. What is valuable to the organisation

  3. What outcomes they should be after

  4. What their value streams are

In essence, an ITIL Foundation course serves as a pivotal step for individuals. This includes the preparation for the ITIL Foundation exam, enabling them to harness the benefits of ITIL 4 and drive positive change within their organisations.

Digital Transformation Begins with ITIL 4 Foundation Training

Understand the key concepts of ITIL service management and how ITIL guiding principles can help an organisation to adopt and adapt ITIL service management through Lumify Work's ITIL 4 Foundation course.

Start your IT departments digital transformation with ITIL 4 Foundation Training - Trainer

Lumify Work (previously known as DDLS) is an Accredited Training Organisation for ITIL by PeopleCert. We are a member of the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF).

Most of our ITIL instructors have expert-level ITIL certification in addition to real-world ITIL implementation and ITIL consulting experience.

We help you prepare not only for your ITIL certification exams but also implement ITIL successfully within your organisation. We go beyond the service management essentials and look at your ITIL needs in a holistic manner.

Lumify Work is a leading provider of corporate IT training with campuses across Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Andrew Eav, Analyst at ANZ, shared his experiences with sitting an ITIL 4 Foundation course with Lumify Work:

Adrian was my trainer for ITIL 4 Foundation. I am very happy to have learnt ITIL from an expert like Adrian.

His deep experience in IT allows him to contextualise ITIL concepts using a variety of real-world examples (Financial Services, FMCG, Manufacturing, Government, Digital, etc.) and modern resources (kotterinc; kanban.university; agile methodology applied to business functions like human resources, data and marketing).

Furthermore, he is an excellent presenter and fosters a collaborative environment through banter and empathy, whereby my cohort felt welcomed and empowered to discuss our ideas and opinions on all things ITIL and technology strategy and transformation throughout history to today's ever-bleeding-edge environment.

Ultimately, Adrian delivered an enriching, engaging and fun educational experience that I will not forget.

Thanks Adrian!

You can also read the story of one of our learners and how her department has been learning ITIL to address these challenges.

Find out more about ITIL and ITSM by accessing our eBook. You can also reach out to our team to enquire about courses that support the upskilling and career development of Help Desk Managers, SDMs or other IT professionals.

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